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July 12, 2019

Letter: I love living in Richmond

Richmond News Dear Editor, On July 6, I attended the Richmond Community Day event held at the Richmond Olympic Oval with my family and friends. I am lucky to live in a wonderful city that offers many opportunities for all of us to get together – to communicate, to connect and to contribute. At this […]

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June 27, 2019

Won’t raise seniors discount City council will take a “sober second look” at a previous decision to raise the age of seniors discounts at Richmond recreation facilities from 55 to 65. The change was set to roll out throughout the month of July to offset a new low-income subsidy program for all ages. … Mayor Malcolm Brodie noted […]

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Keep dreaming: TransLink says no to later SkyTrain service

CTV Vancouver Despite decades of demand, TransLink has no plans to extend SkyTrain hours. A team has been studying the feasibility of later service and determined it’s just not possible – again. Instead, a report released Thursday by TransLink recommends a NightBus express service. It would potentially shadow the SkyTrain system, though where it would […]

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