Stone sure beats coal

Delta Optimist

It was a week before Christmas and all through the region mayors were grumbling that Delta was getting a Stone instead of its usual lump of coal.

When Transportation Minister Todd Stone announced last week that a $3.5-billion bridge would replace the George Massey Tunnel, it was an early, but not unexpected, Christmas gift. Stone merely confirmed what the premier had announced three years earlier, but he was able to provide greater detail on what will be the longest bridge in the province’s history. With construction scheduled to start just over a year from now, we will soon see tangible proof that a new river crossing isn’t just a dream. …

Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson, Richmond’s Malcolm Brodie and other mayors have also questioned the expenditure.

It’s one crossing so, no, it won’t solve the region’s traffic woes, but it’s selfish in the extreme to suggest commuters in these parts make do with the antiquated tube for the foreseeable future while our tax dollars continue to be spent on projects elsewhere in the Lower Mainland. …

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