Richmond wants ICBC to start tracking private vehicle odometer data

CBC News

The City of Richmond wants ICBC to start recording odometer data from motorists when they renew their insurance.

City staff reported having that data would be useful for cities to have for transport, land-use and sustainability planning purposes and says not having data on vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) is a “significant gap” in the city’s knowledge. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says the data will be useful for evaluating the impacts of major transportation projects like the Evergreen Line but denied the request was about the city’s long-running war-of-words with the province over the Massey Tunnel’s proposed replacement with a 10-lane bridge. …

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Harvest Power garners record number of odour complaints from Metro Vancouver residents

The Province

Metro Vancouver has received a record number of complaints from people upset about a foul odour coming from a Richmond compost facility.

On Thursday, the regional body, which is responsible for regulating air quality, received 107 complaints about Harvest Power. It’s believed that is the highest number of complaints received in one day for one or multiple sources in at least 20 years.

As of Friday morning, the facility was named as the suspect in a total of 1,161 complaints since Oct. 27, 2015. …

“Based on the volume of complaints, Metro Vancouver will deploy officers to suspected sources,” Mayor Malcolm Brodie said. He added that residents should also call Harvest Power directly to make sure it meets its commitments under the new permit. …

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Richmond mayor raises big stink over smelly compost facility

Vancouver Metro

There’s barely a day that goes by when residents don’t complain about Richmond’s big stink.

But Mayor Malcolm Brodie hopes the funk coming from the Harvest Power composting facility – where most of the region’s recycled food scraps end up – will be significantly reduced once the company makes some much-needed improvements and the Metro Vancouver regional district ramps up enforcement under the terms of the site’s new permit issued Sept. 30.

“We get complaints almost every day, either phone calls or emails or letters, from residents not just in our city but elsewhere in the region,” said Brodie. “It’s not just the Riverport area (where Harvest Power operates) that gets it. I think it’s fair to say there is nobody who lives in Richmond that has not smelled it.” …

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Richmond asks public to help end organics odour problem

The City of Richmond says it has had enough when it comes to dealing with odour from Harvest Power’s composting facility in east Richmond.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the city has been dealing with stench from the plant for about a decade.

“It is a strong smell and it is a sour type of smell,” said Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Once you smell it, it’s unmistakable.”

The facility processes organic waste from around the Lower Mainland, turning it into mulch and compost.

Metro Vancouver recently renewed the company’s air quality permit — with new measures for odour control. The permit extends the company’s operations through April of 2018. …

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Richmond Council Furious With City’s Odour Problem

604 Now

The Metro Vancouver regional district has once again received demands from the Richmond City Council to take stricter measures against the re-occurring odour problem in the city.

The strong odour stems from Harvest Power’s composting operation, and has Richmond’s mayor and public up in arms. …

teps have been taken to address the problem says Mayor Malcolm Brodie, but they still remain inadequate.

“The complaint hotline is inadequate. Your message is received but most often it’s unclear how, or if, your concern was addressed.” …

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Richmond residents raising stink over ‘unacceptable’ stench from compost facility

The Province

Putrid, stinky, noxious, malodorous, unacceptable — residents have a variety of ways to describe the smell emanating from Harvest Power’s composting facility in Richmond.

“It’s disturbing,” said Burke Austin, who lives near Steveston. “It’s just been so continuous that it’s really disturbing everybody’s lives.” …

“It has gradually increased to where it is at a totally unacceptable level,” Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said of the odour problem. “We are getting almost daily emails and phone calls from residents about it.” …

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Metro’s regional growth strategy a victim of drive-by planning

Business in Vancouver

The last few weeks have been punctuated by three transportation developments that lead to one question: has the Metro 2040 regional growth strategy been fatally crushed by oncoming traffic?

The plan, to refresh the memories of non policy wonks, calls for “compact, vibrant communities connected by an efficient transit network, an effective goods movement system and affordable infrastructure.” It’s based on a wide range of concerns: clean air, economic health, protection of farmland and green space, affordability, shorter commutes, healthy active lifestyles, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and more. It’s been approved by all the region’s municipalities and the provincial government. It’s where we want to go. You’d think.

But that’s definitely not where we’re going. The grotesque three levels of overpasses and massive interchange for the Steveston Highway area just made public, part of the 10-lane George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project, went so far in the opposite direction they left Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie “literally breathless.” …

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Grease disposal campaign shows impact of ‘fatbergs’ in sewers

CTV Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is educating people about the dangers of dumping harmful cooking waste down the drain.

Officials warn that hair, floss, grease and other waste products combine into repulsive mounds known as “fatbergs” that clog the sewers.

According to Metro Vancouver, it costs taxpayers $2 million each year to clean sewer lines from the effects of grease. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is calling for people to change their habits immediately.

“You have to see the sewer pipes to see how a pipe that has a [large] diameter… can become just a very small pipe because of all this grease,” he said. …

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Pizza in the (sukkah) hut

Richmond News

While many non-Jews are likely to know their Jewish friends celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur during the High Holidays, few may be familiar with another biblical holiday that follows the more mainstream ones.

Sukkot marks the remembrance of Israelites performing their famous pilgrimage, led by Moses and at the will of God, to free themselves from slavery in Egypt. The week-long holiday comes at the time of harvest and thus has an agricultural feel to it. …

“Every year we build a big one for the community and hold events for the people during the holiday,” said Feigelstock, who was pleased to welcome Mayor Malcolm Brodie. …

Wipe it, Green Bin it Campaign Pilot Launches in Richmond

In the kitchen, cooking oil, shortening, butter, lard or meat drippings are meant to stop things from sticking together. But when grease goes down the drain, something entirely different happens – it binds with wipes and other detritus, quickly hardening into congealed, gluey “fatbergs” that ruin plumbing and sewers. …

“Don’t put kitchen oil down the drain – it can clog your pipes and it is easy to dispose of grease in your green bin,” said Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of Richmond and Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee. “This is a problem throughout the region and the solution is simple.” …

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