Letter: Farmland mansion review a step in the right direction

Richmond News

Dear Editor,

Last week, when most of Richmond’s planning committee voted to send the bylaw regarding home sizes on Richmond’s ALR lands back to staff for further information and more options for preserving land, we felt it was a small step in the right direction.

Staff were specifically tasked to look at options for smaller home sizes and home plates than allowed under the current bylaw.

They are also asking for the province to do their part to help municipalities deal with increasing speculation on farmland.

Councillors Harold Steves and Carol Day presented more information to the committee on the mansions that continue to be built under this bylaw (and emphasized that these are not farm homes), and in the end, nearly all members of the planning committee (Chak Au, Bill McNulty, Linda McPhail, Malcolm Brodie and Harold Steves), with the exception of Alexa Loo, voted to send it back to staff.

We welcome this positive step because it means that council is starting to give equal weight to the voices of the public and not just to the often-overwhelming voices of farmland owners and others interested in keeping farmland prices high. …

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