Richmond cash starts design work on new Canada Line station

Vancouver Sun

Richmond has sent $3.5 million to TransLink to pay for designing a new Canada Line station at Capstan Way.

The city’s council approved the transfer at a meeting on Tuesday night.

In 2012, Richmond signed an agreement with TransLink for Capstan station, which will be at No. 3 Road between the existing Aberdeen and Bridgeport stations. Capstan was one of four stations that were planned for the Canada Line to be built later when they were needed. …

In an interview, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie suggested that a similar arrangement could work for stations along the planned light rail lines in Surrey and Langley and the proposed Broadway SkyTrain extension in Vancouver.

“It does beg the question as to the level of financial support that Vancouver and Surrey have to give for the rapid transit lines that are going into their communities,” Brodie said. “What is their responsibility? And that question is not yet answered.” …

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