‘It doesn’t make sense’: Richmond mayor in no hurry to allow self-serve gas stations

Global News

The state of Oregon has been the subject of significant online ridicule since it moved earlier this month to lift a ban on self-serve gas stations.

But right here in B.C., two municipalities still outlaw the practice — and at least one of them says that’s not going to change.

Both Richmond and Coquitlam have bylaws in place banning customers from pumping their own gas.

Coquitlam is reviewing an application from Chevron to relax the rules, but Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says it’s not going to happen in his city.

Speaking with CKNW’s The Jill Bennett Show on Sunday, Brodie said first and foremost, it’s a matter of residents getting the best value for money.

Brodie said permitting both types of activity would prompt stations to add a price premium onto the cost of full-service, which would be bad for consumers — particularly those who have trouble pumping their own fuel.

“People have mobility issues, whether they have actual disabilities or they’re seniors or whatever. Pumping gas isn’t always easy and convenient for everybody.”…

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