Clement grateful for Olympic Oval legacy

Richmond News

The man who has done so much for track and field in this country is forever grateful of the support he has received from his hometown.

It was back in the early 1960s when Dr. Doug Clement and his wife Diane were encouraged by the city to launch a track and field club. The Kajaks were soon formed and a track at Minoru Park followed. The 400-metre oval has since been re-named Clement track in their honour.

“My wife and I had moved to Richmond where I had opened a medical practice. The recreational department was housed in a broom closet back then,” chuckled the now 84-year-old Clement — a one-time world class sprinter who competed in the 400-metre event at the 1952 Olympic Summer Games in Helsinki. …

“We lobbied very hard to have this (indoor) track. Over our years with the club, every mayor we got to know well. Malcolm Brodie was instrumental in getting this track in here. He was supportive of the opportunity with the conversion of the facility. We worked hard with him and council to get it approved. It has worked out so amazingly well.” …

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