RCMP unionization may change community policing across Canada

The Globe and Mail

Some communities could look at moving away from the RCMP once the Mounties unionize and costs go up, says a member of a group that represents B.C. municipalities.

A recent Globe and Mail investigation revealed that communities with RCMP forces offer significant savings for taxpayers, but the discount appears to come at a price. …

Malcolm Brodie, mayor of the city of Richmond, said in an interview that it took a long and serious look at shifting from the RCMP to a municipal force a couple of years ago but opted to stick with the Mounties.

“We ultimately decided that the cost differential, which was significant, was not justified in going away from the RCMP. And so we decided to stay,” he said.

The Globe’s analysis found Richmond had the third-lowest policing cost per capita of the 21 Lower Mainland jurisdictions. …

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