In age of pot shops, a new kind of ‘dry’ community looms

The Globe and Mail

Anyone wanting a drink in Cardston has to leave Canada’s first Mormon settlement and drive 45 minutes north to Lethbridge or 20 minutes south to the duty-free shop on the other side of Alberta’s border with Montana. …

In B.C., everyone who wants to open a store selling cannabis must get approval from their local government before securing a coveted licence from the province. No green light from city hall will mean no licence from the province.

Malcolm Brodie, who has been the mayor of Richmond, B.C., for the past 17 years, says his council has no plans to allow shops once the drug is legalized because of fierce opposition from his community.

“Part of it is a reaction to what has happened in Vancouver, where they have decided with the medicinal marijuana dispensaries they weren’t going to enforce the rules against them and would just allow them to proliferate,” said Mr. Brodie. He noted there’s nothing stopping residents of his city from making a short drive north to buy cannabis in person. …

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