Province, Richmond move to restrict ‘mega-homes’ on farmland

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New so-called “mega-homes” and “mega-mansions” on farmland might soon have to be a little smaller, as the province and the City of Richmond propose new rules to limit house sizes, heights and footprints.

Legislation introduced in the legislature on Monday would make three major changes the B.C. Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) including limiting houses to less than 5,400 square feet, reinstating one zone for all ALR land and enforcing anti-dumping rules. …

n May, Richmond council voted to keep the 10,000 square foot limit, but Mayor Malcolm Brodie says two major changes have happened since then.

“One of which has been extensive discussion among the entire community. We also had an election and two of the councillors who supported the status quo were defeated and replaced by two vocal critics of the previous policy,” he said.

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