Homophobic posters plastered in public place in Richmond

Richmond News

Posters, in English and Chinese, warning people about so called “pedosexual right” — sex between adults and minors — have been plastered in public places around Richmond, including the rainbow crosswalk on Minoru Boulevard and Blair elementary.

The posters include a screenshot of a social media post as well as a rainbow and icons of adults and a child; at the bottom, the message reads: “A different kind of ‘love’? Resist these criminal child predators, their child abuse, and their anti-human agenda.” …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie called the posters “the height of ignorance” and a distortion of the issues brought out during the consultation of the painting of the rainbow crosswalk.

“That crosswalk is an effort to show a community that has not been included oftentimes, and has been the object of discrimination over the years, to show them that we include everybody,” Brodie said.

Brodie wants the crosswalk to show that Richmond is an “inclusive, engaged and understanding community.” …

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