Mayor says viral video not the ‘real Richmond’ as city celebrates World Festival

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One person’s bad behaviour doesn’t reflect the city. That’s what the mayor of Richmond is saying as his city celebrates diversity after a video of a racist rant in a local parking lot went viral on social media.

In the video, which surfaced earlier this month, a white woman raises her voice at a woman off-camera after what appears to be a parking dispute. The woman sticks her tongue out, repeatedly uses a racial slur, and swears at the woman off-camera.

“Go back to China where you belong,” she says. “We hate you people.”

The video was watched thousands of times online, but no charges were laid after the huge backlash. Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says the woman’s actions don’t represent the real Richmond.

“The events that took place in that video were so unfortunate and reprehensible,” he says. “This was one person’s bad behaviour, and cannot in any way reflect on the city.”

Brodie says the Richmond World Festival is a much better representation of the city’s spirit.

“We have Vancouver Cantonese Opera, we have a Mexican dance ensemble, we have Coast Salish performers, Bhangra dancers, and some drum dancers from Japan.”

He says he would be upset if his city was characterized by the completely misguided approach of one person.

“This is an opportunity for us to express our understanding as a city, and to celebrate our rich and vibrant cultures of the people who live here.” …

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