Metro Vancouver moves forward with new taxes for housing and parks

CBC News

Metro Vancouver approved two additions to its 2020 budget that could add around $8 to the average property tax bill of every home in the region.

By a unanimous vote, the board approved including in its draft budget an extra $4 million for regional parks and $4 million for affordable housing for next year.

If passed in the final budget later this year, around a million homes in Metro Vancouver will see the increase reflected in their tax bills — part of about $500 that Metro Vancouver collects from the average household each year. …

But not every director was fond of the proposed new levies.

“I don’t care how good your idea is, we don’t go outside the budget process,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

He ultimately voted for both proposals, but said the discussion should take place in the official budget planning process, where all revenues and expenditures are considered at the same time, rather than in individual committees.

“We can’t see it in a vacuum. Almost anything you bring forward here is going to be a good idea in a vacuum … you have to see it in the context of the full budget.” …

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