‘Unanimity’ needed for Richmond code of conduct: Mayor

Richmond News

A code of conduct was supported by eight out of nine Richmond council members on Monday, but the mayor said anything short of unanimity would mean council doesn’t have a code of conduct.

The six-page-long document outlined guidelines for council members to communicate with each other, staff, the public and the media as well as guidelines on monitoring social media feeds.

This last point concerned Coun. Kelly Greene who was the sole naysayer to the document.

She said it’s “physically impossible” to delete comments on one’s Twitter posts, and that she would need to have paid staff to monitor her social media forums.

The code of conduct is voluntary, and Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie reiterated several times during the meeting that councillors must agree unanimously to it, otherwise it isn’t valid. And those who vote against it, “morally and ethically” can’t be bound to it.

“We have to have unanimous agreement or we don’t have a code of conduct,” he said at Monday’s committee meeting. …

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