Richmond Event Faces Backlash For Trying To Auction Off Nazi Memorabilia

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Maynards Fine Art faced backlash over the weekend, as the company tried to auction off Nazi Memorabilia at a Richmond event.

Those items have since been pulled, after many spoke out against it.

That includes advocacy group, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, who took to Twitter.

“We are disgusted & deeply concerned that there is an auction containing Nazi memorabilia taking place at Maynards Fine Art & Antiques in Richmond BC tomorrow,” the organization tweeted. “These items are dripping in the blood of 6 million murdered Jews.”

The items were part of the “Firearms & Militaria Auction.” Memorabilia up for bid included Nazi pins, WWII-era Nazi guns, a flag and a German Third Reich wall plaque.

Richmond mayor, Malcolm Brodie, called the auction “inappropriate in the City of Richmond for so many reasons.”

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