New Capstan Station in Richmond running behind schedule

Vancouver Sun

Canada Line users will have to wait a bit longer for an extra stop to be built at Capstan Way in Richmond, as the city and TransLink consider options for the station’s design.

In 2012, Richmond signed a funding agreement with TransLink for Capstan Station, which will be located at No. 3 Road, between Aberdeen and Bridgeport stations, that required the city to raise about $29 million to build the new station. …

In his inaugural address in November of last year, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said construction was set to start in 2019.

However, the station is still in the detailed design stage.

“It’s taking longer than we had hoped, but it’s for a purpose,” said Brodie. “We’ve been looking at the various possibilities as to the configuration. … I’m hopeful that in the very near future we will be releasing the money for the entire project and then TransLink will have 30 months to complete it.”

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