Snow clearing up to municipalities, says Richmond mayor

Richmond News

Despite many commuters passing through more than one municipality, even in winter weather, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said he thinks it’s best for cities to look after their own snow clearing.

In an interview with CBC, former Vancouver councillor George Affleck said he believes Metro Vancouver’s major arterial routes should be taken care of at a regional level, such as through a partnership with TransLink.

But Brodie told the Richmond News that a regional approach to snow clearing may mean that areas with large hills get the most attention, which means that other areas, such as secondary roads or connector roads, which connect local streets to arterial roads, would suffer as a result.

“I think it’s a mistake to say that if we have a regional approach to snow clearing, then we have better snow clearing,” said Brodie.

“I think it’s up to each individual city to make sure that they have set their own priorities and clear the roads according to whatever priorities they have set.” …

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