Canada Line to carry 800 more people per hour as four new trains arrive

Surrey Now-Leader

The Canada Line will carry 800 more people per peak hour following the arrival of four new trains on Tuesday.

The announcement is equal to a 15 per cent increase in peak hour service, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said.

“The aim is to take cars off the road and increase the demand for public transit,” he noted, standing at the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station.

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said the four trains are part of a total of 12 trains, or 24 cars, that will be delivered by the end of 2020. That will lead to a 35 per cent in total peak hour service hours at a cost of $88 million. The funds will come from the public infrastructure fund, which is funded 50 per cent by the feds, 33 per cent by the province and 17 per cent by TransLink.