Vancouver 2010: Path to Olympics built from asphalt, steel

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For anyone who commutes daily between Vancouver and Richmond or Squamish, or the Lower Mainland and Vancouver International Airport (YVR), it’s difficult to imagine, or remember, what life was like before the Canada Line and Sea-to-Sky Highway.

Both transportation projects had languished on government drawing boards for more than a decade. It wasn’t until Vancouver announced plans to bid on the 2010 Winter Olympic Games that the provincial government pushed them to the top of the priority list and determined to get both projects done in time for the Games. …

The lasting impacts of the $600 million Sea-to-Sky Highway improvement project between West Vancouver and Whistler, and the $2 billion transit line between Richmond, Vancouver and YVR are hard to overstate.

“I would characterize it as city-changing – it is that significant,” Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said of the Canada Line. “We have exceeded all the projections for growth in terms of residential construction.” …

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