Bene Group donates 20,000 surgical masks to support the City of Richmond during its reopening plan

As British Columbia enters Phase Two of the province’s reopening plan, there continues to be a need for masks as the Provincial Health Officer recommends the use of masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained. In response to this ongoing demand for masks, Richmond’s Bene Group has donated 20,000 surgical masks to the City of Richmond on May 4. The donation of these masks will help ensure the City of Richmond, especially frontline workers, are well protected during the COVID-19 reopening plan.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie accepted the donations and explained in a letter to Bene Group that the surgical masks will be distributed to the city’s frontline staff to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

As a company closely connected to communities in Richmond, this donation is a reflection of the care and dedication that Bene Group has upheld towards building communities that are safe for its people to live, work, and play. …

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