Police defunding not on the table in Richmond

Richmond News

While a movement to defund or even abolish police forces is gathering momentum in cities throughout North America, it appears to be a non-issue here in Richmond.

Cities across North America have seen widespread protests over the death of George Floyd, a Black man who was pinned under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis for nine minutes and died. …

In Vancouver, there are calls to “defund” the police force ­and transfer some of their budget into social services. And in Burnaby the RCMP were heavily criticized for posting a photo on social media of an armed officer in a school in the wake of North America-wide Black Lives Matter protests.

However, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said he’s “content” with the service provided by Richmond RCMP, saying the city has other social and diversion programs that complement work done by the police.

“I don’t think there’s any comparison to what’s happening in the United States. While nobody can claim perfection in terms of policing, I think they do a pretty good job,” he said. …

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