Metro Vancouver mayors divided on 24/7 school zone, playground speed limits

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It doesn’t seem like all municipalities will be following in the footsteps of Vancouver implementing playground and school zone speed limits around the clock.

The approval for some trial runs around Vancouver came Wednesday, reducing speed limit in school and playground zones to 30 km/h 24/7. But some mayors of other Metro Vancouver municipalities aren’t making the same move, yet. …

“Our approach in the city of Richmond is more general,” Malcolm Brodie says. “If we feel that an area of the city needs more traffic measures, whether it’s speed humps, raised crosswalks, traffic circles, or reductions in speeds, then we’ll do it for a particular area or particular corridor.”

“I’m not sure why you would, as a blanket policy, reduce these speed zones around schools and playgrounds at night and early in the morning,” Brodie adds, pointing to areas like Steveston, where the speed has been reduced and other traffic measures were introduced. …

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