Recycled road paving project unveiled in Richmond

REMI Network

The City of Richmond has unveiled a recycled road as part of its continued commitment to sustainability, greenhouse gas and waste reduction.

The city has laid an 800 metre stretch of paving over four lanes of road along the 7000 block of No. 5 Road that is made up of 40 per cent recycled asphalt paving. Part of Richmond’s High Recycled Asphalt Pavement Project, it is hoped this section of road (3.2 kilometres in total) will pave the way for more sustainable paving work in years to come.

“Road construction and maintenance is an important and necessary reality of municipal operations and it’s not an area that has seen great strides in environmental improvements,” said Malcolm Brodie, mayor of the City of Richmond and chair of the National Zero Waste Council. “Guided by our zero waste commitments and our drive to be a change leader, the City of Richmond is paving the way – literally – for a sustainable future in road construction.” …

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