Know how to reduce food waste? You could win up to $1.5-million

Lethbridge News Now

The Food Waste Reduction Challenge has commenced.

Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says they are looking for innovators who can come up with new ways of “doing business” that can prevent or divert food waste at any point from farm-to-plate.

“Reducing food waste is necessary for so many reasons: it can help save consumers money, improve food security, support efficiency in the agriculture and food sector, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Through this exciting challenge, our Government is finding new ways of reducing food waste across the supply chain.” …

“The National Zero Waste Council congratulates AAFC on introducing the Food Waste Reduction Challenge, which will help address food loss and waste by giving our nation’s small and medium companies a chance to scale up their innovative business models while also encouraging leadership from the biggest players,” says Malcolm Brodie, Chair of the National Zero Waste Council. …

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