Richmond adds new hybrid trucks to fleet

Richmond News

The City of Richmond is the first B.C. municipality to incorporate the new Ford F150 PowerBoost Hybrid—the first full hybrid truck—into its growing sustainable fleet.

“This is the first truck of its kind in Canada and the city is proud to be leading the charge for more environmentally friendly work vehicles,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The city worked with Ford Canada to develop requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles that meet the realistic needs for work trucks in municipal environments, and we are pleased to see progress in this area and introduce them to our fleet.”

Richmond has received two streamlined hybrid trucks, which will replace current fleet vehicles with fuel engines. The battery is charged by both the regenerative braking system, which recaptures energy normally lost during coasting or braking, and the gas engine. When the truck comes to a complete stop, everything from the radio to the heat runs off the hybrid battery, which means zero emissions. …

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