Hate has no place in Richmond, say RCMP

Indo-Canadian Voice

Richmond RCMP said on Wednesday that recent incidents suggest a possible growing trend of racially motivated incidents in the City, and they are taking action to address it. The multifaceted approach includes updated training for frontline investigators, creation of a specialized unit, mental health considerations, and consultation with local partners.

On March 31, Richmond City Council declared, “Racial and discriminatory actions have no place in Richmond, and they have no place in our society.” In the media release from that day, Mayor Malcolm Brodie stated, “The City of Richmond does not tolerate hateful nor racially motivated behaviour. We acknowledge such attitudes unfortunately exist and are in direct contradiction to the spirit of inclusion we uphold. We must stand together to address and condemn all forms of discrimination and racism.” …

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Richmond asks for feedback on Steveston food trucks

Richmond News

Richmond city council is looking for strategies to create better synergies between food trucks and local businesses.

A motion passed at council this week calls for city staff to look into the food truck activity in Steveston, with an emphasis on displaced business from local restaurants and the potential for an area specifically for food trucks. …

The motion was supported by council, including Mayor Malcolm Brodie who said the issue also included the money involved with renting private properties.

“The merchants who are located in Steveston pay top dollar for the rental of their premises,” Brodie said.

“They pay taxes and support the community in many different ways. […] The argument is whether it’s fair that the mobile food trucks should be able to go in like that, with no contribution to anything, very low overhead and pick off some of the best business opportunities for the restaurant merchants.” …

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Update: Virtual Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival starts Sunday

Richmond News

Richmond’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival is returning in a virtual format to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

This year’s festival will take place online with activities and events available to the public starting April 11.

The theme for this year’s festival is hope, or 希望 (Kibou) in Japanese, which represents of the country’s resilience during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. …

“The City of Richmond is the proud home to one of Canada’s largest and oldest communities of Japanese-Canadian immigrants, dating back almost 140 years,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate our region’s Japanese heritage through the Richmond Cherry Blossom Festival, and to have the opportunity to share the event to even more people this year with the virtual format.” …

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Property taxes a ‘blunt instrument:’ Richmond mayor

Richmond News

Businesses in Richmond continue to carry a heavier tax burden than residential properties.

About 8.5 per cent of properties are classified as “commercial,” but they pay about 34.6 per cent of all taxes collected by the city.

In an analysis of the city’s taxes on different property classes, a city staff reports Richmond has the lowest ratio when looking at residential-commercial breakdown of taxes compared to other large Lower Mainland municipalities.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie pointed out, historically, this split between business and residential used to be about 50/50.

Over the years, the tax burden has shifted more to residential properties.

Brodie said he thinks the amount of tax currently being collected on businesses and residential is “about the right place.”

“Nobody likes to pay taxes, everybody wants less taxes but you’ve got to to land on something,” he said. …

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City of Richmond speaks out against racism and hate

Richmond News

Richmond’s city council is reiterating racism and discriminatory actions are not welcome in Richmond and have no place in society.

In a statement released Wednesday, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said hateful and “racially motivated behaviour” will not be tolerated in Richmond.

“We acknowledge such attitudes unfortunately exist and are in direct contradiction to the spirit of inclusion we uphold,” says Brodie.

“We must stand together to address and condemn all forms of discrimination and racism.”

Brodie added council is supporting the RCMP’s focus on tackling hate crimes and building public awareness. He said the public should not hesitate to call the RCMP when they experience or witness “racially- or hate-motivated action.” …

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