Richmond receives grant for Garden City Lands study

Richmond News

A grant of $175,000 has been awarded to the City of Richmond to support its studies in improving the soil on the Garden City Lands.

The City of Richmond’s Garden City Lands Remediation Study Project is looking to develop a plan on how to best manage soil contamination on the site. …

 “One of council’s goals is to ensure Richmond is a sustainable and environmentally conscious city,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“The Garden City Lands is a special site with a sensitive habitat. We’re pleased to see the Federation of Canadian Municipalities supports our vision for the site. The ultimate goal is to develop and implement a plan which will see the Garden City Lands safely offering such functions as food production, recreation and natural interpretation.”

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New EV Chargers and Hydrogen Fuelling Stations Coming to British Columbia

News Wire 

Today, as part of #EVWeekinCanada, Randeep Sarai, Member of Parliament for Surrey Centre, on behalf of the Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources, announced a combined investment of over $2.6 million to support cities across British Columbia with more options to drive cleaner, putting Canadians in the driver’s seat on the road to a net-zero future.

These contributions will help install 79 electric vehicle (EV) chargers and two hydrogen stations across the province to support Canada’s net-zero future. …

Malcolm Brodie
Mayor, Richmond

“HTEC is proud of the role we are playing to ensure Canada achieves its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. NRCan’s ongoing investment in clean hydrogen infrastructure is helping us make zero-emission transport possible across British Columbia. Together, we are building the low-carbon future we want to live in and leave behind for future generations.”  …

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Richmond Mayor happy to see night market return

City News 1130

RICHMOND (NEWS 1130) — You may notice some extra traffic in Richmond Friday near the River Rock Casino as you can once again shop at the Richmond Night Market.

The annual event returns after the pandemic didn’t allow it to open in May.

Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, says the market attracts lots of people to the city.

“They’ll go to the night market, they’ll go to the River Rock, they’ll go to the casino, they’ll take in some entertainment once it’s back up and running.”

Although the market will be smaller than previous years due to COVID-19 protocols, Brodie believes it will be safe. …

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Richmond resident given second extension to clean up property

Richmond News

The chances of getting another extension to clean up his mother’s property are “slim to none,” Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie told a Richmond resident.

Edward Wong had appealed a cleanup order on his mother’s property in the South Arm area in June, and was given a month to remove garbage containers, derelict vehicles and other debris from around the house.

On Monday, he asked for another extension and was allowed until Sept. 20 to get the job done.

“You’ve asked for time, we’ve been more than generous giving you time,” Brodie told Wong at the meeting. “You need to get the unsightly premises cleaned up.” …

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Richmond celebrates Pride Week

Richmond News

While COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted, the City of Richmond is hosting in-person and virtual activities to celebrate Pride Week.

Pride events are held internationally at various times throughout the year to commemorate the history of the LGBT rights movement and recognize the value of diversity and inclusion that Pride events have come to symbolize, according to the City of Richmond …

 “Pride Week is about celebrating our LGBTQ2S+ communities who have contributed significantly to the vibrancy and enrichment of community life in the city,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“As we gradually and safely resume our normal social contacts, we are pleased to offer in-person events in addition to virtual activities this year.” …

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Councillors in favour of electronic meeting option

Toronto Star

City councillors voted unanimously in favour of allowing electronic attendance at civic meetings going forward. The matter came before councillors at yesterday’s general purposes committee meeting.

“The current bylaw amendment will enable council members to participate remotely if they are unable to (attend in-person),” said city clerk Claudia Jesson. “The current meeting format of electronic meetings and participation does extend to Sept. 28, at which point this bylaw would kick in and allow members to attend electronically if they are unable to attend regular council meetings.” …

Coun. Andy Hobbs said he had some concerns about the lack of definition in the bylaw amendment, and believes people should only be able to attend electronically “on an exceptional basis.”

“My guess is that this is going to be further refined as things open up, and also we’ll have a bit more experience where it’s more or less discretionary,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. …

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Richmond councillor suggests gardens, solar panels on roof of new community centre

Richmond News

Richmond Coun. Harold Steves said he isn’t “that enthusiastic” about a plan to rebuild the Steveston Community Centre and library, but he’d like to see the air space above it used for a community park or garden, greenhouses or a solar farm.

In the end, council unanimously supported the $90 million project at Monday’s committee meeting, but Steves said the original plan, and why he got involved planning it some years ago, was to have seniors housing on the top floor.

Now, he’d just like the air space used for some community purpose. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, however, noted that the project would use all the of the capital building and infrastructure reserve – $63 million.

He suggested city staff try to find other funding, like a loan or grant, to cover part of the construction costs in order to not completely deplete this reserve in case other smaller projects come up in the near future.

The item should be back at council next Monday before the August council break. …

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Steveston heritage sites open for summer

Vancouver is Awesome

Three heritage sites in Steveston are once again open to visitors.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said visiting the sites – Britannia Shipyards, London Heritage Farm and the Steveston Museum – are “an experience that many have missed during the pandemic.”

Britannia Shipyards – with buildings dating back to the 1880s and several heritage wooden vessels – is open seven days a week from noon to 4 p.m.

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Richmond to participate in a Canada-wide ‘circular economy’ initiative

Richmond News

The City of Richmond has been chosen among other Canadian local governments to join a national “circular economy” initiative focusing on reducing waste.

Richmond is one of fifteen cities across the country that has been selected for the Canadian Circular Cities and Regions Initiatives, a year-long peer-to-peer network with the aim to share best practices on implementing circular economy strategies and policies in communities.

A circular economy system is about retaining the value of products during their lifecycle and improving performance at their end-of-life. …

“This initiative provides a tremendous opportunity for Richmond to continue being a municipal leader in the transition to a circular economy,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“The city’s vision for the circular economy is to maximize the value of resources, by design, through responsible consumption; minimizing waste’ and reimagining how resources flow in a sustainable, equitable, low-carbon economy.”

According to the City of Richmond, its goal is to develop an “easy-to-understand” circular economy roadmap for the community as its goal with the help of Canadian and international leaders and practitioners. …

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Province opens door to secondary homes in ALR

Richmond News

Small secondary homes could be allowed on some protected farmland.

Farms about 100 acres (40 hectares) in size or smaller that are in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and have a modest-sized house could have a secondary home, if approved by the local municipality, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries announced Monday.

Shortly after the announcement, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said he was concerned about small farm properties in Richmond asking for secondary homes, taking away the limited agricultural potential they have.

Richmond has a plethora of small ALR plots, some just half an acre in size.

Furthermore, Brodie would like to see the secondary home decision-making power lie with the ALC where it’s traditionally been – not with the city.
“It increases the pressure on the local government to allow (these small homes),” Brodie said, adding “the conventional, traditional process would be better.” …

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