Mayors’ Council approves TransLink’s 15-month timeline to plan new Surrey SkyTrain

Daily Hive

A tumultuous Mayors’ Council meeting today ended with TransLink management being provided with the approval they need to start planning for the Fraser Highway SkyTrain extension.

The region’s mayors voted to approve TransLink’s work plan for the 16-km-long project, which has an estimated 15-month timeline to reach the milestone of completing a business plan. The South of Fraser rapid transit strategy will also be refreshed to reflect the cancellation of the Surrey Newton-Guildford light rail transit project (LRT) and adoption of SkyTrain on the Fraser Highway. …

A request from Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie to have the City of Surrey pay for some of the estimated $57 million spent by TransLink on LRT planning was also approved, with support from even Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. However, the amendment on the municipal government covering “unnecessarily expended” costs was only approved after changes were made to not include a specific dollar figure and to allow Surrey to provide in-kind compensation — such as land value and other benefits — instead of solely cash.

Brodie, one of the most vocal critics on the board of the switch to SkyTrain, also posed questions over whether Surrey residents truly wanted SkyTrain over LRT. McCallum argued this is the case. …

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Mayors’ Council votes to proceed with planning for Surrey SkyTrain extension

Global News

The Surrey SkyTrain took another step towards becoming a reality at the TransLink Mayors’ Council meeting on Thursday, despite its total funding still considered up in the air.

The mayors voted to allow TransLink staff to proceed with planning and project development for the project, which would see a 16-kilometre Expo Line extension to Langley.

The work plan that was approved projects at least part of the extension could be up and running by 2025. …

n response to questions from members, including Richmond Mayor Malcom Brodie, of whether the majority of residents wanted the change, Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum said 80 per cent of people in Surrey wanted SkyTrain, calling the recent civic election a “referendum” on LRT. …

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Metro mayors tell Surrey to pay for cost of abandoned LRT

Vancouver Sun

Surrey will have to compensate TransLink for the money the transit authority has already spent on the suspended Surrey-Newton-Guildford light rail project.

Members of TransLink’s Mayors’ Council approved a resolution to that effect on Thursday, and also voted to have staff begin planning for a SkyTrain project down Fraser Highway. …

“I have a number of concerns about the cost, and particularly about the costs that we are throwing away,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “If there’s one area where TransLink over the years has been criticized heavily … it is the entire question of cost containment and the wise use of resources.”

Brodie called on Surrey to pay back the money. The council agreed that Surrey would have to compensate TransLink for “all work plan costs unnecessarily expended to date” at the time the city signs a memorandum of understanding with TransLink for the new SkyTrain. A dollar figure was not attached in case the amount changes. …

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Metro Vancouver mayors vote to ‘develop’ $1.65B in Fraser Highway SkyTrain plans Surrey will have to ‘compensa

Surrey Now-Leader

Metro Vancouver mayors took one more step along the road to SkyTrain on Fraser Highway at their meeting on Thursday.

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation voted to “proceed immediately with planning and project development work” for SkyTrain along Fraser Highway.

The vote followed heated, divisive debate over if Surrey should be allowed to completely rejig South of the Fraser transit plans. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie cited both delegations at the meeting and the emails he “received from people in Surrey” that showed dissent.

“What do we really know about what the people of Surrey want?” Brodie asked, citing pre-election consultation work that showed support for light rail. …

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City of Richmond seeks public feedback as it vies for $10 million prize

Richmond News

t’s morning. The alarm’s gone off and you reach for your phone – scrolling through notifications, reading messages, checking the news. An alert pops up to tell you about traffic delays, bill payment deadlines and weather alerts. All the information you need to start your day is at your fingertips, on one device.

This connectivity is at the heart of Richmond’s Smart Cities vision, where the city is vying for one of two $10 million prizes to use data and technology to improve residents’ lives. Richmond is one of 10 finalists in its category, and now, the city is looking for feedback from the public on its project proposal.

“As part of the Canada-wide Smart Cities competition, we are identifying ways to enhance the daily lives of residents through innovation, data and connected technology,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Of most importance will be the creation of a successful model to integrate all levels of government, while we encourage partnerships across the private sector and academia to foster improved community resilience during major emergencies.” …

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Vancouver-region mayors urge Surrey to accept funding shortfall for SkyTrain extension

The Globe and Mail

Vancouver-region mayors say Surrey must accept the fact there isn’t enough money to fulfill Mayor Doug McCallum’s election promise to extend SkyTrain service to nearby Langley, following a report from the region’s transit authority.

The regional mayors will meet later this week after learning from TransLink that the $1.6-billion available for the project will not cover a proposed 16-kilometre route to the centre of Langley. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said Tuesday that TransLink staff’s conclusions on the issue so far were indisputable, and that Surrey will have to compromise on getting the SkyTrain to Langley.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said Tuesday that TransLink staff’s conclusions on the issue so far were indisputable, and that Surrey will have to compromise on getting the SkyTrain to Langley. …

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‘Do they want the tax money?’: Small pot growers find municipal roadblocks on path to microcultivation licences

National Post

Yan Boissonneault’s daughter was turning blue.

Without warning, his baby had stopped breathing, and he frantically performed CPR while his friend James Gallagher called 911.

Years later, the men still become emotional remembering that day. Boissonneault learned that his daughter had a rare disorder that caused epilepsy, and when pharmaceutical medications failed to cure her seizures, he turned to CBD oil, a non-psychoactive substance in marijuana.

“It’s been two years now and she hasn’t had a seizure,” Boissonneault said, standing next to rows of pungent marijuana plants under glowing white lights. “That’s what got me involved in this. It’s quite personal. … The only profit it gives me is the joy of seeing my daughter smile.” …

There’s good reason to ban pouring concrete on precious agricultural land, said Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, B.C.

“Very simply, you put that kind of construction on the farmland, you’ll never have it for soil-based farming again,” he said.

The city only wants one cannabis facility and it already has one, a licensed producer in an industrial area, said Brodie. He said applications in industrial areas will be considered on a case-by-case basis, though he wouldn’t guarantee any would be approved. …

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8 Instagram-worthy spots in Richmond to take holiday photos

Richmond News

This holiday season, there are many places in Richmond decked out with bright lights and plenty of cheer. In fact, the City of Richmond says approximately 650,000 lights will be illuminated throughout December.

Check out these eight local places to snap a festive photo:

7. In front of this massive menorah

Grab a photo in front of this massive menorah which was just lit for the 30th anniversary this past Sunday. The lighting marked the start of Hanukkah and Mayor Malcolm Brodie was joined at the lighting by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, who switched on the menorah 30 years ago. …

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Photos: Menorah lighting at Richmond Cultural Centre

Richmond News

An extra special lighting of the menorah took place outside Richmond Cultural Centre on Sunday. It was the 30th anniversary of the giant menorah being lit to mark the start of Hanukkah. Mayor Malcolm Brodie was joined at the lighting by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm, who switched on the menorah 30 years ago. Boaz Joseph photos

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Province talking to Metro mayors about future of the Massey Tunnel

Vancouver Sun

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena is meeting with municipal leaders from across Metro Vancouver before releasing a report about how to tackle congestion and safety concerns at the Massey Tunnel.

The long-awaited independent review, which was commissioned last fall and prepared by professional engineer Stan Cowdell, is expected to become public by the end of the year.

“The minister received the report in June, and it is under consideration along with options for next steps,” said an emailed statement from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which confirmed Trevena is “discussing its findings” with Metro mayors.

The B.C. NDP government cancelled construction of a 10-lane, $3.5-billion bridge to replace the 59-year-old Massey Tunnel last September, and paid out companies shortlisted to bid on the work. The bridge was a pet project of the former B.C. Liberal government.

One of the Metro Vancouver politicians who met with Trevena is Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who along with staff saw the minister earlier this month.

According to a Richmond staff report, they were told that the review is expected to provide crossing improvement options and greater detail about the process that led to the previous government’s decision to build a 10-lane bridge.

Trevena told Brodie and staff that any future crossing would not include a 10-lane bridge. …

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