Richmond eyes ban on single-use plastics

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It looks like Richmond is inching closer towards banning single-use plastics in the City, but the Mayor insists nothing is imminent.

The issue was brought by a committee at a meeting on Monday, following a motion to explore the idea from a councilor in February.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie says City staff will report to council with some options for how they could accomplish the lofty goal.

He says they’ll likely study Vancouver’s bylaw, passed last year, which saw the banning of plastic straws and foam take-out containers effective this June.

“And also looking at what exceptions should be made, what timelines could be introduced, how to educate the people, how to enforce, and how to consult.”

They’ll also study other municipalities in the area.

He says the issue should be back on the council table by the beginning of May.

“I think if you go to the federal level, to the provincial level, to the local level, I think the issue of plastics, and the single-use plastics, and the pollution that is being caused is far more significant than people realize.” …

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Lukfook Group Opened a New Shop in CF Richmond Centre in Metro Vancouver, Canada

Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Lukfook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590) is pleased to announce that the debut of its new shop in CF Richmond Centre in Metro Vancouver, Canada. The new shop is the first oriental jewellery shop in the mall. To celebrate the grand opening, the Group has hosted an official grand opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony officiating by Mrs. Alice Wong, MP – Richmond Centre Constituency, BC, Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Mayor of Richmond, Mrs. Catherine Yuen, Principal Consultant, Western Canada, Toronto ETO of The Government of the HKSAR Commerce and Economic Development Bureau Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch, Mr. Joseph Chan, President of Fairchild Media Group, Ms. Manisha Narang, Property Manager of CF Richmond Centre, together with Miss Pauline Yeung, co-founder of the Group and the Miss Hong Kong Pageant titleholder and applauded by a lion dance performance. …

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Time to conserve: Metro Vancouver water restrictions begin in three weeks

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Despite the dreary weather out there, water restrictions kick in across Metro Vancouver in three weeks.

The local reservoirs are a bit lower than ideal for this time of year.

“One of the factors in the reservoir level is the size of the snowpack, which is just slightly less than the average size this year,” said Metro Vancouver Water Committee chair and Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“But there’s other factors and other sources of water — the precipitation — so, we feel that right on schedule, we’re going to be up to 100 per cent. It’s going to put us in good shape for the summer.”

Stage 1 restrictions kick in on May 1 and will last until mid-October.

“That was a precaution that we’ve taken for the last number of years, to move ahead the water restrictions for the lawn sprinkling. I think we’re going to be in good shape this year, even if we have a pretty dry summer.” …

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‘They’ve wiped their hands clean’: B.C. struggles to crack down on illegal ridesharing services

Global News

Officials in B.C. say there’s little they can do to shut down rogue ridesharing operations that have set up shop in Metro Vancouver while big players like Uber and Lyft remain on the sidelines.

A number of services are taking advantage of a legal grey area to operate in the region, particularly in Richmond.

It’s an issue that has frustrated Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who said that while his community is not the only one affected, the issue is prevalent in Richmond because of the propensity of such apps to operate in Chinese.

Brodie said the city has flagged numerous safety violations, including ridesharing drivers with “N” stickers on their vehicles. …

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B.C. Premier Horgan gets tough on municipalities over transit, housing

The Globe and Mail

A tough-talking Premier John Horgan warned B.C. civic politicians Thursday that if they want expensive transit lines in their cities, they need to be ready to zone for significant amounts of housing along those lines.

And, he added, if they want their homelessness problems addressed, they need to be willing to accept what the province is ready to do for them. …

In both cities, local politicians have to deal with residents who are wary about massive amounts of new development being unleashed along the new transit corridors.

But other mayors, along with the Premier, are concerned that Vancouver seems to be indicating it doesn’t have to do anything more. And they will also be demanding that Surrey and Langley prove that there will be enough housing built along the line to justify spending billions for that SkyTrain line.

“I think the Vancouver approach would be unacceptable,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, whose city has been transformed since the Canada Line opened there in 2009, with thousands of new apartments all along the route.

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Richmond events budget scrutinized by council

Richmond News

Richmond city council is unsure if it wants to dole out $1.38 million for festivals next year.

Council was dealing with a proposal from the Major Events Advisory Group that would continue funding large festivals like the Richmond World Festival and the Richmond Maritime Festival, on the same par as this year, but several councillors, including those on the advisory group, spoke against the high costs. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie, however, questioned whether it was fair not to pay musicians even if they’re local.

“You want local performers instead of paid performers but people are professional performers, is it fair to say you shouldn’t get paid?” Brodie said. “Why are we taking advantage of them that way?” …

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Exploring a sustainability transformation in an island city with The City of Richmond

Chief Sustainability Officer

Mayor Malcolm Brodie of the City of Richmond, British Columbia, and City staff, Peter Russell, Senior Manager of Sustainability, and Alen Postolka, District Energy Manager, discuss how the City’s climate actions are transforming Richmond.

A city with its sights firmly set on becoming a leader in the field of sustainability, Richmond, British Columbia, has not only delivered outstanding results but also advanced a novel and replicable model for developing municipal district energy systems. Mayor Malcolm Brodie believes that taking action on climate change is vital due to Richmond’s location as an island city that is one metre above sea level. “Farmers started building dikes over 100 years ago and we’ve continued that program. Since then, the City implemented a flood protection strategy and a dike master plan to respond to climate change impacts,” explains Brodie. “We’re one of the few cities in our province that owns and operates a diking and drainage utility which provides secure funding for new capital projects.” …

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Paying taxes with cash frowned upon in Richmond

Richmond News

To combat illegal cash transactions at Richmond City Hall, the finance committee is endorsing a limit of $10,000 for any cash payments.

In 2018, city hall accepted 30 payments in cash greater than $10,000 each, totalling about $500,000; all cash payments at city hall came to $10.8 million, or 2.2 per cent, for property taxes and utility fees. …

But Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the $10,000 limit is a “reasonable approach,” and the city should see whether it works and fine tune it if necessary.

“We have to recognize that not everybody that brings in cash has some nefarious purpose,” he said. “People have cash for all kinds of different reasons.” …

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Richmond highlights 2019 projects at open house

Richmond News

Seven accessible bus stops, improvements to the Minoru Arena, traffic light improvements, water main replacements – these are some of the capital projects the City of Richmond is embarking on this year.

Richmondites can learn more about the upcoming and on-going construction at an open house on April 17, 3 to 7 p.m. in Richmond City Hall’s main foyer.

“The City is excited to showcase over 40 upcoming and on-going capital projects that will provide sustainable, resilient, and accessible facilities and amenities for Richmond residents,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release. “Each of these projects aligns with council’s commitment to maintain and improve Richmond’s infrastructure to support Richmond’s growing community and ensure that the city is well protected from impacts of climate change.” …

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Richmond a year away from hosting 2020 CARHA World Cup

Richmond News

The hockey world will be united in Richmond exactly one year from today for the “Olympics of Recreational Hockey.

The 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup will feature over 140 teams from 15 countries coming together. …

“We are so excited that in just one year from now we will be hosting the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup here in Richmond, as it is recognized as the premier adult recreational hockey event worldwide,” said mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Richmond has a strong tradition of hosting outstanding sporting events at all levels.

“With a great host team, experienced volunteers, outstanding venues and the many excellent attractions and services in Richmond, we’re confident the 2020 CARHA Hockey World Cup will be the best yet.” …

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