Keeping Richmond a Safe, Liveable, Affordable & Sustainable City

My commitments include:

  • Work with other levels of government and our many partners to keep Richmond liveable, healthy and affordable for our residents and businesses.
  • Expand housing choices that are affordable for people of all ages, from youth to seniors.
  • Celebrate and enhance our cultural and economic diversity.
  • Retain our agricultural base with lands in the Agricultural Land Reserve.
  • Focus on improving the environment within the City to address climate change and greenhouse gas issues.
  • Keep Richmond safe for our residents and businesses alike.
  • Expand and enhance our many public recreational areas, parks and facilities.
  • Support the business sector as it grows locally and internationally. Encourage more international trade and cultural relations.
  • Balance growth in emerging areas, making them sustainable with a full range of public amenities.
  • Support and encourage our volunteers. Let them know the value of their tremendous contribution to all in our City.
  • Provide cost-effective City services through sound financial planning and technology – and continue to keep Richmond’s taxes low.
  • Strongly regulate the production and sale of cannabis in our City.