Keeping Richmond a Safe, Liveable, Affordable & Sustainable City

My commitment to you is to work hard for all Richmond residents so we maintain a safe, liveable, affordable, active, healthy and sustainable city.

Looking forward, I am committed to working on your priorities including:

  • Expanding affordable housing choices for residents of all ages through development and partnerships
  • Keeping our residents and businesses safe by ensuring sufficient personnel and prompt emergency response
  • Supplying cost-effective services with sound planning and technology for smart growth and low taxes
  • Forming partnerships with other levels of government to attract funding for new initiatives
  • Celebrating our cultural diversity and harmony with educational programs and support for community groups
  • Protecting our agricultural base by preventing encroachment
  • Implementing sustainable approaches to proactively address climate change and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Providing more public recreational areas with parks and facilities, particularly in emerging areas
  • Continuing to support our active business community by reducing red tape and offering support online
  • Supporting, encouraging and celebrating our volunteers who offer tremendous benefits to so many in our community