Richmond’s Trusted Leader

Richmond residents have entrusted me to lead as Mayor through years of significant challenges – and opportunities – while the city has embraced diverse, sustainable approaches to community growth. Some of the achievements under my leadership with Richmond council include:

Enhancing Affordability

  • Added to the supply of housing
  • Increased the requirement for affordable units in new multi-family developments to 15%
  • Increased the market rental units in new developments
  • Expanded housing choices on arterial roads
  • Provided shelter spaces and supports for those without a home
  • Increased the number of childcare spaces in city-owned facilities
  • Provided city land for affordable housing developments

Ensuring Community Safety

  • Added 91 more RCMP officers and 36 more firefighters over 2 terms
  • Opened a new Community Police Office in City Centre
  • Supported mental health co-ordination with police
  • Built or upgraded all firehalls

Enhancing Community Livability

  • Internationally recognized for healthy lifestyles of residents who live the longest on average
  • New community recreational programs and facilities for people of all ages
  • Provided recreation opportunities at Minoru Centre for Active Living, Richmond Olympic Oval and committed to new Steveston and Capstan Community Centres
  • Took more steps to combat racism and hate
  • Promoted Richmond as an important tourist destination with unique heritage assets such as the Britannia Heritage Shipyards and London Farm
  • Opened many new parks – started planning 40 acre park on middle arm of the Fraser River
  • Supported many major events such as Maritime Festival and Doors Open with a safe, family approach
  • Relieved traffic congestion on No. 3 Road with opening of River Parkway and Lansdowne Road

Focusing on Environmental Sustainability

  • Improved the environment through sustainable approaches to GHG and carbon footprint reduction at all municipal sites under the Community Energy and Emissions Plan
  • Ensured proactive climate change adaptation such as aggressive flood protection through dyke upgrades
  • Encouraged a circular approach for re-use of consumer products and reducing waste
  • Banned commercial use of single use plastics
  • Opened new sites for community gardens and parks
  • Implemented our district energy utility to heat and cool over 5 million square feet of residential and commercial space in the centre of Richmond without using fossil fuels

Enhancing our Economic Development

  • Supported our restaurant sector with outdoor patio program
  • Increased new technology for better business support and communication
  • Supported more intense uses of the city’s industrial land

Protecting Agricultural Land

  • Protected agricultural land by implementing the overall vision for the Garden City Lands
  • Actively opposed industrial encroachment by the Port of Vancouver
  • Updated our Agricultural Viability Strategy with the Farming First Strategy

Promoting Transparent City Governance

  • Began live-streaming all City Council and Committee meetings
  • Started publishing a record of Council votes
  • Enhanced internet-based public input through “Let’s Talk Richmond”