Richmond’s Trusted Leader

Richmond citizens have entrusted me to be Mayor for thirteen exciting years. During this time Richmond has grown and prospered while we have enhanced our quality of life.

Community Safety

  • Everyone should feel safe and secure in Richmond. City Council works very closely with many safety partners for the benefit of our residents and businesses.
  • In their day-to-day operations, the RCMP co-ordinate their activities to reflect the City’s strategic priorities, such as strategies to reduce the number of commercial break-ins.
  • The new and upgraded fire halls will benefit the City for decades to come. The innovative West Cambie building which combines ambulance and Fire-Rescue facilities will ensure ongoing safety services for our residents.

Quality of Life

  • Compared to residents elsewhere in Canada, on average our residents live the longest. Richmond has won international awards for healthy lifestyles, especially as we revitalize our downtown core to make it more liveable with access to rapid transit, parks and amenities.
  • The wide range of our recreational programs emphasize youth and seniors.
  • Our City’s childcare spaces have grown and reflect community need.
  • Richmond’s active and engaged volunteers are immensely important to all.
  • Components of our updated Arts Strategy broaden the social and artistic fabric of Richmond.

Community Improvements

  • The updated Minoru Aquatic Centre, Older Adult Centre and Pavilion are now being planned in order to serve important future needs of the community.
  • Our Olympic Oval with all its programs and attractions is highly used by our residents from youth to seniors.
  • Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site is a restored shipyard which reminds us of our maritime past and supports many community activities throughout the year.


  • Enhancement of the environment is very important as we all want to live in a “green” city featuring sustainable approaches.
  • Richmond has adopted a comprehensive and balanced approach to the climate change challenge through community-based programs encouraging us to reduce waste, greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint.
  • We implemented programs to divert food scraps and yard trimmings from the landfill. In the region, our overall garbage diversion rate is one of the best.
  • Multi-family dwellings can now be included in the successful water meter program. Thus, participants only pay for water based on usage.
  • Every year, we open more community gardens. This reflects increasing interest in urban agriculture.
  • District Energy Utilities are being developed for new areas using sustainable sources of energy for heating and cooling, thus avoiding reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Economy

  • Region-wide, Richmond has maintained its position of having the highest jobs-to-worker ratio. The majority of Richmond employees live and work here.
  • Richmond’s Resilient Economy Strategy, Business Development Program and the Employment Lands Strategy are examples of our proactive support for the business sector.
  • Civic revenue issues are guided by Council’s Long-Term Financial Management strategy. Keeping property taxes down to one of the lowest levels in the region has helped people of all ages to live here.
  • With our active partners in the business community, many programs which benefit our economy have been implemented. An example is the Sport-Hosting program.


  • Public transportation in Richmond has improved dramatically thanks to the long-awaited Canada Line. We must continue to strengthen other components of Richmond’s public transportation network.
  • To combat congestion, corridors around No.3 Road have been further developed. Bicycle lanes continue to be extended each year.
  • We continue to address traffic congestion at No. 5 Road / Steveston Highway.


  • After extensive consultations, the City has approved a legacy plan for the Garden City Lands to benefit future generations.
  • Richmond is the home to many beautiful parks and recreational areas. The Railway Greenway is an example of how we will continue to plan more for the future.
  • Supported by partner contributions, our many artificial playfield surfaces can be used in all weather, night and day. This cost-effectively expands Richmond’s capacity to support recreational activities.

Programs & Events

  • Throughout the year, there are many Richmond events for residents and visitors as we have proven our ability to organize events of any size.
  • Events such as Ships to Shore and the Maritime Festival encourage us to work towards the return of the Tall Ships.
  • Doors Open, Your Kontinent Richmond International Film & Media Arts Festival, Asian Heritage Month, the Childrens Arts Festival, and many more have become yearly Richmond traditions.
  • Our diverse population also supports a multitude of cultural opportunities such as the Night Markets as well as the Lunar New Year and Diwali celebrations.


  • With almost half of Richmond’s land consisting of agricultural land, parks and open space, Richmond has protected land in the Agricultural Land Reserve as a top priority, notwithstanding many pressures.
  • The City is addressing important drainage, irrigation and transportation challenges in east Richmond.

Council Proceedings

  • Live-streaming of City Council meetings is an example of how the City is open and accountable to residents. Past meetings are archived for future reference.
  • Campaign revenues and expenses are now shared online for all candidates who seek elected civic office.