Building on Our Successes

As Richmond grows, it is important that we understand and build on our award-winning success. My vision for Richmond includes the following key areas:

Community Safety

  • Richmond must be a community where each resident and business is safe and secure.
  • The City must continue to work with its many service providers including police and Fire-Rescue Department so that our priorities are fully understood and respected.
  • Our planning for emergencies must be proactive and immediately available so that our residents remain secure in the event of any disaster.


  • Enhancement of the environment must be actively and continuously considered.
  • We must continue to aggressively address climate change issues locally to augment the inadequate steps being taken internationally.
  • Detrimental approaches such as those embodied in the proposal for the jet-fuel line must be replaced with more progressive solutions.


  • To address issues arising from traffic congestion, we need to increase the number of alternative routes, particularly in the City Centre. We must support alternatives to motor vehicle usage such as through bicycle lanes and pedestrian corridors.
  • The Canada Line has been a highly-successful addition to local transportation. Local routes must provide support by effectively transporting riders to and from the Line.
  • The proposed Massey Tunnel replacement bridge must cost-effectively reduce congestion on the Highway 99 corridor while it encourages sustainable transportation options.

Business & Finance

  • Property tax increases must always be minimized to remain an affordable city. We need to respect the balance between taxes on residential and business properties.
  • We must always examine opportunities to share in best practices from outside our City. Tourism and sport hosting opportunities are examples where this approach has paid rich dividends.
  • Employers will always want to locate in Richmond if their workers want to live nearby. Thus it is important to preserve our enviable quality of life with more services.

Quality of Life

  • Everyone should be able to live in Richmond. We must encourage affordable housing solutions, particularly when close to public transit.
  • We want to capitalize on the unique strength afforded by our cultural diversity and heritage.
  • In the future, we need to continue to enjoy our high level of facilities for an expanded population. Our indoor and outdoor recreational amenities remain unparalleled – we must keep pace with population growth.
  • Richmond also needs to support families with more childcare spaces which is important for a growing population.
  • Affordable housing programs need to be implemented as we provide units for people of all ages in developments throughout the city.
  • We must continue to respect our heritage by emphasizing important aspects of our past civic experience.