Richmond opposed to airport jet fuel delivery proposal

Vancouver Sun

The Vancouver airport Fuel Delivery Project will involve fully-loaded tankers up to 950 feet in length regularly sailing up the South Arm of the Fraser River to southeast Richmond. Upon each tanker’s arrival, the jet fuel will be piped to a storage tank one kilometre away. From there, it would travel 15 km to the airport through a pipeline running diagonally across Richmond…

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Metro Vancouver mayors lay out transit funding ideas

CBC News

The mayors were asked by the province to come up with long- and short-term funding solutions. “And every time there’s been a proposal made the province has been quite quick to shoot it down,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “I don’t see any reason that they’re going to do something else this time, but we were charged with a responsibility to come up with funding sources.”

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Recycling shakeup may end curbside pickup of glass

Richmond Review

Members of Metro Vancouver’s zero waste committee were dismayed when told by staff Thursday of the proposal by Multi Material BC to eliminate glass collection at curbside after the industry-led stewardship agency takes charge of the residential recycling system in mid-2014…

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