Letter: Blue Dot salutes you

Richmond News

On behalf of the Richmond Blue Dot group, we’d like to extend our sincere thanks and congratulations to Mayor (Malcolm) Brodie and all the Richmond city councillors who unanimously passed a resolution at the council meeting on Oct. 14, stating that the citizens of Richmond have the right to a healthy environment…

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Artificial turf raising real concerns

Richmond Review

In less than six weeks, a new artificial turf field at Minoru Park is scheduled to open, including two soccer pitches and a baseball diamond. But before that multi-million dollar project is completed, city staff and local politicians will be taking a hard second look at whether that field is as safe as can be for the general public…

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Metro Vancouver mayoral races look like a toss up

Vancouver Sun

If Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts were seeking re-election she could crack a bottle of Okanagan sparkling white wine right now with West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith and District of North Vancouver Mayor Richard Walton, both of whom are running unopposed…

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Metro Vancouver hopes to boost compost rates with new ad campaign


In preparation for a ban on putting food waste in the garbage in 2015, Metro Vancouver in collaboration with member municipalities has launched a fun-filled region-wide campaign featuring food scrap characters with the message that food scraps belong in green bins and not the garbage!..

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