B.C. students hope new recycling bins will alleviate confusion

The Globe and Mail

…. “If you have recycle bins that are contaminated, you’ve got a major problem to process it,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who is the head of Metro Vancouver’s zero waste committee. “Most people would like to recycle but it has to be easy and done as well as possible.” …

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Metro talks trash as area’s waste piles up

Vancouver Sun

…. The regional district maintains food waste rots in a landfill because there is inadequate oxygen to help it decay, which then creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. “Almost a third of the food we buy ends up in the garbage so by simply reducing the amount of food we waste and recycling our scraps we can keep tonnes of food out of the landfill,” said Malcolm Brodie, chairman of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee….

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Restaurants expected to slowly comply with organics disposal ban

Surrey Leader

The regional district expects to initially its enforcement on large generators of food waste, such as supermarkets, major restaurants and hotels.

But the new ban is also supposed to apply to hospitals, schools and multi-family residential buildings, many of which also face challenges complying due to lack of space for green bins and concerns about attracting vermin.

“We encourage residents of multi-family complexes and businesses to talk to their landlords, property managers, and waste haulers about implementing food waste recycling plans now,” Metro zero waste committee chair Malcolm Brodie said.

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