Neighbourhood Watch: Stuck between trucks and a hard place

Richmond News

A small, quiet and tight-knit Hamilton neighbourhood may be turned into a truck-filled nightmare as a result of a decision by Farrell Development Corporation, owned by the family of Coun. Linda McPhail.

The issue has roughly 50 residents hopping mad and could spawn the city’s second ratepayers’ association.

Is Hamilton’s Dyke Road a recreational trail or a route for heavy industrial truck traffic?

That’s the question that will soon come before city councillors, save for McPhail, who will not take part in any decisions. …

When asked what his vision is for the area, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said residents should be prepared for industrial uses on the properties in question.

“If you buy a residential property next to industrial land, I don’t see how we can fetter the industrial owner for using that land as it’s intended under the zoning,” said Brodie, who, nevertheless, said council has asked staff to investigate the road condition and possible solutions.

“Maybe the first mistake was allowing a residential development along the river,” said Brodie. …

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