Gordzilla in the City: Metro Vancouver copies the Grinch’s yuletide plan

The Province

I’m sure many people will be as delighted as I am that Metro Vancouver — the unelected regional government agency originally established in 1886 to provide water to Lower Mainland residents — has expanded its mandate again to tell us how to celebrate Christmas.

On Wednesday, the group once known as the Greater Vancouver Regional District, launched its “Create Memories, Not Garbage” campaign for the eighth year in a row, with helpful suggestions on how to have an eco-Christmas … sorry, I should have said eco-holidays. Don’t want to inflict a micro-aggression on those with other festive season celebrations. …

Among the suggested “green angel gift ideas” in (according to Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, chairman of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee) the “festive and fun campaign” are to “paint and spruce up” someone’s old bike, donate to a charity on a loved one’s behalf, offer to play sports with your kids or buy gifts that: “Go smaller. But better.”

Take it from me, these are great ideas. Looking back, I bet our sons would have been way more excited on Christmas mornings getting gift cards, offers to repaint their old stuff or having donations made in their names than in unwrapping gaming systems, hockey gear that they constantly grew out of or endless boxes of Lego. …

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