Daphne Bramham: The port wants more land, but so does everyone else

Vancouver Sun

Port Metro Vancouver is Canada’s Asia-Pacific gateway and its biggest port, and it’s running out of industrial land.

For the port to grow, CEO Robin Silvester needs to figure out how to get more land.

In Silvester’s perfect world, the solution would be simple. British Columbia and the Metro Vancouver municipalities would designate land for industrial use, just as back in 1973 Dave Barrett’s NDP government recognized the importance of food production and set up the Agricultural Land Reserve to protect some of this country’s richest farmland. …

It is the port’s plan convert a 36-hectare farm into a logistics centre that prompted Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie to say that the port has declared war on agricultural land. …

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Public gets closer look at $3.5B Massey Tunnel replacement

News Talk 770

Curiousity reigns over the provincial government’s decision to push forward with a plan to replace the Massey Tunnel, connecting Richmond to Delta, with a $3.5 billion bridge.

As protesters make their opposition to the proposed 10-lane toll bridge known outside a Richmond hotel, inside at the Ministry of Transportation’s open house, feelings are mixed. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie has his concerns with the proposal.

Brodie is worried about about the loss of agricultural land.

“What about farmland property? We’re looking at the statement that there’s a net-gain of farmland, but we don’t know what that is or where that is.” …

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Provincial official says new 10-lane bridge will result in net increase in agricultural land

The Georgia Straight

Critics of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project say it will inevitably lead to a loss of farmland.

One of the most prominent, Richmond councillor Harold Steves, has claimed that the province’s plan for a 10-lane bridge will result in farming areas disappearing on both sides of the Fraser River.

Steves and Richmond’s mayor, Malcolm Brodie, have also declared that the proposed bridge would create huge traffic backlogs on Highway 99 as northbound vehicles face a bottleneck at the Oak Street Bridge. …

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Richmond councillors want to keep tunnel over $3.5B bridge

Richmond News

Richmond city council took a significant step in its opposition to a replacement bridge to Delta by stating it prefers a new or improved George Massey Tunnel.

Only councillors Ken Johnston — who is the president of Novex, a local delivery company — and Alexa Loo opposed the motion tabled at a committee on Monday evening.

The stated opposition to the replacement bridge came after a presentation by Geoff Freer, executive project director of the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project.

“It seems to me this (bridge) is going to be tremendous in terms of economic growth by getting more cars moving,” Loo told Freer.

But committee chair, Mayor Malcolm Brodie, led a chorus of concerns ranging from agricultural land preservation, Port Metro Vancouver’s role in the project, the expectations placed on the City of Richmond and what, if anything, is to be done about the Oak Street Bridge bottleneck. …

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Jet fuel proponent taking citizen’s group to task over legal fees

Richmond News

A consortium of major domestic and international airlines — including Air Canada and WestJet — planning to build a jet fuel delivery system on the banks of the Fraser River is seeking legal fees from VAPOR, a group of local citizens that took the companies to court last year.

VAPOR had unsuccessfully challenged the consortium’s environmental assessment on technical merits: that the provincial government and the consortium, known as the Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation, did not provide for adequate public consultation leading up to the December 2013 granting of the environmental certificate.

Since losing the judicial review in B.C. Supreme Court in early 2015 the province has subsequently dropped its request to claw back legal fees. However, VAFFC is seeking compensation. …

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Port Metro Vancouver eyes Richmond land to develop for industrial use


A feud is brewing between Port Metro Vancouver and the Mayor of Richmond over a large parcel of land in the city, which has been used for farming in recent years.

The port has expressed interest in developing the land for industrial uses.

In 2009, the port bought a 100-hectare parcel of land known as Gilmore Farms, on No. 8 Road in Richmond, just south of Vancouver. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is against the idea.

“I don’t concede that the federal government, through the Port Metro Vancouver, governed by a board that is made up of up of people in the industry, has the right to set itself up as a kingdom within the city of Richmond, and do what it wants,” Brodie said. …

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Public consultation for the Massey Tunnel replacement project begins

News 1130

The public consultation process over the Massey Tunnel replacement project begins today. But Richmond’s mayor already has a number of concerns with the amount of time the government is allocating to it.

You can start submitting comments online today with the first public consultation set for just over a week from now.

However, the six-hour session in Richmond isn’t enough for that city’s mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The public has to give their concerns and thoughts by February 15th — it’s a very short period of time and for part of the process, the city has only until the end of January to comment on the project definition report.” …

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Metro Vancouver cities aim for carbon neutrality

Vancouver Sun

… Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is excited about plans to build a new Minoru swimming pool and aquatic centre, saying the pool is expected to be the “most-efficient” in North America. It will recover heat from the facility and provide it to the adult centre next door. …

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Richmond mayor sees ‘war’ with federal port authorities over agricultural land

The Province

A land war is shaping up between Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and the federal government body known as Port Metro Vancouver.

Brodie believes 200 farms in the Agricultural Land Reserve should be preserved for growing food, while the port is eyeing such areas as sites for development that could create thousands of trade-related jobs.

“It’s infuriating,” Brodie told The Province. “I’m not prepared to accept it for one minute.

“It’s a declaration of war,” he said of the port’s thinly-veiled operation to convert the historic Gilmore farm on No. 8 Rd. to industrial use.

Port president Robin Silvester welcomes the controversy that a full discussion would bring, even though the topic is sure to expose deep divisions. …

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Questions raised over funding for new Massey Bridge

Global News

Federal Minister of Transport Marc Garneau paid a visit to Metro Vancouver Wednesday.

The Port of Metro Vancouver took Garneau out on a tour of the harbour to give him some ideas on how to spend some of the billions of dollars in infrastructure promised in the fall election campaign. …

“I’ve always felt that this project was…mostly about Port Metro Vancouver,” Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said. “I suspect that the port would be expected to pony up a very significant portion of the cost for this project.” …

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