Understaffed fire department outpaced by city’s growth: Richmond Firefighters Association

Richmond News

As the number of people and condominiums in Richmond continues to grow, the Richmond Firefighters Association is warning there are not enough firefighters to keep everyone safe.

“It is very concerning to us. The population in the city has grown by tens of thousands of people since 1990, but staffing levels have almost remained the same,” said Cory Parker, president of the Richmond Firefighters Association. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie said he cannot comment until a personnel review is done, and that he expects a personnel requirement and budgetary implementation process to be finished by the end of the year.

Richmond receives Innovative Energy Project of the Year award

Richmond News

Richmond has been recognized by the Association of Energy Engineers with the 2018 Innovative Energy Project of the Year award for its Alexandra District Energy Utility Phase Four project.

The phase four project focused on connecting large retail development with low carbon, cost-effective and reliable energy. To do so, the project used air source heat pumps. According to City of Richmond, this project is the first district energy system in Canada to provide heating and cooling to a large retail building with this technology.

“Richmond has been an international leader in district energy development to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Through innovation and conservation, we are proud of our achievements to secure a sustainable and economic energy source for thousands of residents and commercial and institutional users.” …

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Some Metro Vancouver mayors are ambivalent on cancelling Surrey LRT for SkyTrain

Daily Hive

Some mayors in Metro Vancouver are expressing their doubts on Surrey mayor-elect Doug McCallum’s plan to reverse course on the Surrey Newton-Guildford (SNG) LRT and redirect funds towards building a SkyTrain extension on the Fraser Highway.

Re-elected New Westminster mayor Jonathan Cote told Daily Hive his neighbour’s new position on transit expansion creates a “dilemma” for the 10-year Mayors’ Plan. …

His counterpart in Richmond also agreed, with re-elected mayor Malcolm Brodie calling McCallum’s plan “ill-conceived.” While Brodie knows the existing makeup of the Mayors’ Council would disagree with the move, he is not sure what the consensus will be within the new Mayors’ Council given that there are 13 new mayors in TransLink’s governance body.

Brodie added that it will “take years” to do the new planning work required for SkyTrain, if LRT is abandoned. The largest issue will deal with filling in the funding gap for the superior alternative.

“The first thing that’ll have to be done is they will need to find the extra money to pay for it. Surrey will be asking for a premium type of service, and they will have to pay the increment or find the money,” said Brodie. “I don’t think there will be regional sources for that money.” …

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Richmond election: Two rookie councillors could shift ALR mega-mansion policy

Vancouver Sun

The days of new mega-mansions on Richmond farmland may be numbered after voters elected two new faces to council.

On Saturday, newcomers Kelly Greene and Michael Wolfe unseated incumbents Derek Dang and Ken Johnston. Both campaigned on lowering maximum house sizes in the Agricultural Land Reserve — a hot-button election issue after council’s decision in the spring to stick with the 10,764-square-foot limit. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who handily won re-election, had voted in favour of lowering maximum house sizes in the past.

Both Greene and Wolfe said the public can expect the issue to be raised in the fall.

“It will be one of the first actions of the new council,” promised Wolfe. …

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Would a municipal police force make Surrey safer?

CTV Vancouver

Surrey’s mayor-elect is adamant that he will deliver on his campaign pledge to replace the RCMP with a dedicated municipal police force, but critics of the plan are raising concerns about how much the transition would cost, how long it could take and if it would ultimately improve safety in a city plagued by gun violence.

“It will cost us a little bit more money for our police force, but the people of Surrey tell us very clearly they’re willing to pay a little more to make their community safe,” Doug McCallum told CTV News earlier this week. …

But another Metro Vancouver municipality that has considered such a transition said the move would likely cost more than just “a little bit more” and would be more complex than McCallum has made it out to be.

“We have one-third of the size of a detachment that Surrey has, so if it’s going to cost us $19 million to $20 million dollars in transitional costs, how much is it going to cost Surrey?” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who was re-elected Saturday.

Richmond considered moving to a city police force back in 2016, but ultimately decided the costs would be too high and the process too complicated.

In addition to the initial cost of the transition, the city would have had to pay an extra $2.2 million to $3.39 million more each year. …

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Your Voice: What do you think of the Richmond election results?

Richmond News

The Richmond News asked people at Richmond Centre what they thought of the election results. …

Josef Chung, Eating lunch

“It’s interesting, in terms of being a historic thing.” (On Mayor Malcolm Brodie getting a 7th term)

Ahmad Quadomi, Student

“I guess he’s (Brodie is) a good leader. That’s why he’s retained.”

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Where to celebrate Halloween in Richmond

Richmond News

If you’re looking to celebrate Halloween, events are scheduled across Richmond this weekend through to next Wednesday.

If you’re looking to celebrate Halloween, events are scheduled across Richmond this weekend through to next Wednesday.

“These low cost or free events offered by the City and its partners continue to build a great sense of community spirit,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release. “Richmond continues to be a leader in providing high quality and safe Halloween experiences for all ages.” …

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Voter turnout up in Richmond municipal elections

Richmond News

The turnout rate for the 2018 Richmond municipal elections was the highest since 1993, and three per cent higher than 2014.

Richmond had a population of 198,309 in the 2016 census, and of this 132,819 were estimated to be eligible voters, according to CivicInfoBC data. …

Incumbent Mayor Malcolm Brodie received 30,452 votes this year, which is 10 per cent more compared to last time (27,149) and 64 per cent of this year’s total votes. …

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Metro Vancouver mayors scrapping over cash for Surrey SkyTrain extension

Global News

Mayors across Metro Vancouver are not going to have much time to get their bearings as a battle is brewing over the future of Surrey mass transit. Surrey mayor-elect Doug McCallum has committed to voters that he is going to scrap the proposed Surrey light rail transit (LRT) project in an attempt to get a SkyTrain extension through the city. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie says it is too late to amend the plan the mayors have approved and have convinced other levels of government to buy into. Brodie also doesn’t think there is any money to pay for the cost gap between the two projects.

“You are going to have to go back to the mayors, go back to the region and go back and modify the plan and take your chances,” Brodie said. “I think it is very unlikely. We are very aware of the funding challenges TransLink has. We are not going to increase property taxes in the region.”

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Richmond Election Results: Mayor Malcolm Brodie wins yet again

Vancouver Sun

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, a lawyer who has held the position since 2001, was handily re-elected Saturday night. He drew more than 29,000 votes, almost four times second-place Roy Sakata.
Controversial mayoral candidate Hong Guo, a real estate lawyer who claimed human rights complaints against China are “lies,” came in fourth, with more than 2,600 votes. …

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