Steveston Salmon Festival, Canada Day festivities to be combined under one banner

Richmond News

The 2019 Steveston Salmon Festival is just over a month away, and this year, the city’s Canada Day festivities will also run under the Salmon Festival’s banner.

Now in its 74th year, the Salmon Festival will be back for its usual live entertainment, salmon barbecue, pancake breakfast and parade. This year, however, Canada Day celebrations will be run in collaboration with the city such as the evening fireworks.

“The Steveston Salmon Festival is a beloved Richmond tradition and a great way to celebrate Canada Day,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release.

“This year it will be bigger and better than ever as we fully integrate our other July 1 celebrations, including the popular evening fireworks over the Fraser River, under the festival’s banner.” …

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New clubhouse slated for Richmond lawnbowlers

Richmond News

A one-storey Richmond Lawn Bowling Clubhouse will be rebuilt in Minoru Park to the tune of $5.3 million despite some councillors arguing the building should include housing for vulnerable seniors or room for non-profits.

While some councillors and members of the public opposed building a single-purpose clubhouse in the city centre, Mayor Malcolm Brodie questioned why some were arguing for building taller buildings in a park when they opposed building large buildings on agricultural land.

“It’s one thing to say across here on No. 3 Road, you want multi-floors, but to say that for a park, I don’t understand that,” he said, adding “Aren’t we going to end up with just a bunch of residences in the park?”

The vote to build the 4,900-square-foot clubhouse was split 5-4 with Couns. Kelly Greene, Harold Steves, Carol Day and Michael Wolfe voting against the plan. …

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Steveston Salmon Festival 2019 will be “bigger and better”

Georgia Straight

The 74th Steveston Salmon Festival aims to expand this year, beyond its long-time home in Steveston Park to Britannia Shipyards and the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

Presented by YVR, the festival has an eclectic music lineup to commemorate Canada’s birthday. Performances include Canadian rock mainstays 54-40, Bend Sinister, Urban Myth, and Line 49.

The event is also expanding its programming, with Steveston Village hosting nine stages with more than 50 performances.

“The Steveston Salmon Festival is a beloved Richmond tradition and a great way to celebrate Canada Day,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in the press announcement today. “This year it will be bigger and better than ever as we fully integrate our other July 1 celebrations, including the popular evening fireworks over the Fraser River, under the festival’s banner.” …

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Horgan hints twinning of the Massey Tunnel may soon become reality

News 1130

It may finally mean some good news for commuters that regularly have to deal with congestion through the Massey Tunnel.

Premier John Horgan has hinted we could be moving closer to getting started on a new, improved, twinned version of the passage.

Last month, the mayors of Delta, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, and White Rock along with the Chiefs of the Musqueam and Tsawwassen First Nations pleaded with Horgan to take action on the long-standing bottleneck regularly experienced at the Massey.

On Thursday, Horgan hinted that solidarity means the province would seriously consider the move.

That’s good news for Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who has always supported a tunnel over a proposed toll bridge as a replacement option.

“Given that we want a solution rather than later, this is good news for us,” Brodie says. “We would also like to get clarification on whether it’s really a twin tunnel. In any case, a quicker tunnel option would do very well.” …

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Richmond council pushes back on single-use items

Richmond News

Foam cups and containers, single-use plastic bags and plastic straws will all be banned in Richmond if city council has its way.

Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to plan and implement all three bans by Jan. 1, 2020.

At the committee meeting, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie compared bringing in the ban on these single-use items to the switch made years ago to mandatory green bin collection and garbage pickup reductions, saying there was a “concerted effort” to consult and educate the public so everyone was familiar and comfortable with the plan.

“The success with these kinds of bans is largely dependent on the amount of notice we give and the education we give and the public awareness of the situation, and hopefully it will be a success,” Brodie said. …

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Love Food Hate Waste Canada and Famed Canadian Chef Bob Blumer Team Up to Reduce Food Waste

Yahoo! Finance

Love Food Hate Waste Canada is excited to announce the kick off of their cross-country campaign to reduce food waste. More than 60 percent of the food Canadians throw away could have been eaten, costing the average household more than $1,100 per year. This could change if Canadians would “Plan It. Use It. Eat It.” …

“Love Food Hate Waste Canada is kick-starting a Canada-wide conversation about how we can all work together to address food waste. Consumers throw out almost 2.2 million tonnes of edible food each year in Canada – at a cost of $17 billion, said Malcolm Brodie, Chair of the National Zero Waste Council. “This leaves significant room for improvement and Bob Blumer’s passion for changing habits that produce food waste is infectious and speaks to the mindset shift we all need to make. If we all made one small change to prevent food waste in our homes each week, we would have a great impact the planet.” …

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Richmond Hospital leads the way as birth tourism continues to rise

Vancouver Sun

The number of pregnant foreigners coming to B.C. hospitals so their newborns can get automatic Canadian citizenship continues to rise.

Births by non-residents of B.C. increased 24 per cent from the 2016-17 fiscal year to 2017-18, from 676 babies to 837 the following year, according to records obtained through freedom of information requests.

About two per cent of all births in B.C. hospitals are now by non-residents, just as the birthrate among B.C. residents is dropping. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie agreed with Dix that birth tourism is a federal issue but said there are significant local impacts as well.

“As a city council, we haven’t discussed this but there are individuals who have concerns about the impacts on our already crowded hospital resources,” said Brodie, referring to the aging facilities and to situations when local women are diverted to other hospitals when Richmond Hospital is full.

Brodie said he supports a change to federal laws because he doesn’t believe anchor babies should get automatic citizenship.

“The practice of birth tourism should be curtailed,” he said. …

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Seniors Week returning to Richmond with free and low-cost activities

Richmond News

Richmond’s annual Seniors Week is getting ready to kick off next month and local seniors are invited to try one of several activities in the city.

From Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9, seniors can join a pop-up book club, try ballroom dancing, attend a painting social and sing the day away at a karaoke marathon.

All activities are geared towards those aged 55 and older and are designed around the theme “let’s do more together – explore the possibilities.”

“We are proud to be hosting this year’s opening ceremony at the new Minoru Centre for Active Living,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release.

“Seniors Week is a chance for the City to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of the growing and diverse population of seniors in Richmond.” …

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Program rewarding Richmond’s youth for good launches again

Richmond News

It has been going for 18 years and is still going strong.

The Positive Ticket for Youth program is being launched again this spring, with young people continuing to get caught and rewarded for doing something good.

Run by Richmond RCMP, the City of Richmond’s Youth Services and community partners, the program has been updated with enhanced offers and a new ticket design.

Richmond RCMP started the initiative in 2001, before it was adopted by many other agencies across North America. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the city is “proud to continue to support this innovative program.

“It both supports our commitment to having police services that connect to our community and our own youth services plan, which focuses on helping youth develop the life skills to have a safe and healthy journey into adulthood.” …

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Metro Vancouver lawn watering regulations go into effect today

Vancouver Courier

Metro Vancouver’s lawn watering regulations go into effect today and will remain in place until mid-October.

Residents can water their lawn two mornings per week while watering trees, shrubs and flowers is limited to mornings only when using a sprinkler. …

“Lawn watering regulations have resulted in significant reductions in peak summer water demand and we encourage people to continue respecting these seasonal regulations, especially as we experience hotter and drier summers,” said Malcolm Brodie, chair of Metro Vancouver’s water committee, in a news release. “Impacts of climate change result in longer dry spells in the summer, meaning we all have to do our part to conserve water when we can.” …

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