Richmond planning new SkyTrain station

JOC News Service

Richmond will get a new station on the Canada Line following the transfer of $28 million in developer-supported funds from the city to TransLink.

The Capstan Station will be built in the area of No. 3 Road and Capstan Way in Richmond, between the existing Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations. Its construction results from a 2012 agreement that would see a new station added to the Canada Line to support growing development in the area once funds were raised.
“This is an excellent example of how the City of Richmond works with developers and partners such as TransLink to build strong communities,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Parks, trails, recreation facilities and even green spaces are often created by developers who are building higher density communities in urban areas. Now, through a shared vision and this precedent-setting agreement, we have an important transit location as well.” …

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Richmond Is Getting A Brand New $30 Million Canada Line SkyTrain Station

604 Now

It’s official: Richmond is getting a new Canada Line skytrain station, expected to open in 2022.

The City of Richmond announced the news Tuesday, after transferring $28 million in funding to TransLink. This will cover the full construction of Capstan Station, located on No. 3 Road and Capstan Way.

The new stop will be in between Bridgeport and Aberdeen Station.

“This is an excellent example of how the City of Richmond works with developers and partners such as TransLink to build strong communities,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a statement.

Planning first began in 2012, when TransLink and the City agreed to build a new station. Concept design began in 2017 after a $1.1 million transfer. …

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Organization of Richmond gala questioned

Richmond News

Some Richmond council members praised a multicultural cultural event celebrating the city’s 140th anniversary, holding it up as a model for how festivals could be organized in the city.

But criticism regarding how the event was funded and organized has sparked questions.

The cultural extravaganza and awards show was attended by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and Couns. Alexa Loo, Bill McNulty, Carol Day, Harold Steves and Michael Wolfe on Sunday evening. The Richmond News was also invited and given a “News and Information” award. …

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$28M transfer kickstarts new Canada Line station construction

CBC News

Construction of a new Canada Line station will soon get underway following the transfer of millions of dollars in developer-supported funds from the City of Richmond to Translink.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the city announced it has handed over $28 million to the transit authority to begin plans for the construction of Capstan Station.

The latest addition to the Canada Line will be built in the area of No. 3 Road and Capstan Way, between the existing Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations. The city hopes it will accommodate the roughly 6,000 new residential units in the Capstan Village area.

“This is an excellent example of how the City of Richmond works with developers and partners such as TransLink to build strong communities,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. …

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Video: Richmond mayor plays piano for Christmas event

Richmond News

Music and singing filled Richmond’s city hall for a sing-a-long at this year’s Winter Wonderland event initative.

The Tom Lee music school was accompanied by Mayor Malcolm Brodie on the piano for a giant sing-a-long with Richmond businesses, organizers and members of the city in attendance. …

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Richmond’s 19th annual Winter Wonderland event

Richmond News

Richmond’s 19th annual Winter Wonderland was held at Richmond City Hall for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a sing-a-long with Mayor Malcolm Brodie on the piano. The Winter Wonderland is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset where each tree is sponsored by a business, organization or an individual. …

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Update: Richmond council denies fee reduction after meth lab cleanup

Richmond News

Richmond council has denied an appeal to reduce fees for a property owner whose tenant allegedly ran a meth lab in the house.

Jing Cong, the owner of a property on Kingfisher Avenue where the lab was found last year, appealed to the city saying she wasn’t told she could choose a different cleanup company, claiming she was denied an interpreter and there was a “lack of disclosure, transparency and unreasonableness of the billing.” She also questioned the hours being billed for RCMP time….

The majority of council agreed with a staff recommendation to dismiss the appeal by Cong to further reduce the fees – only Mayor Malcolm Brodie and Couns. Alexa Loo and Chak Au voted against the dismissal. …

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City of Victoria granted intervener status in challenge of carbon tax

Times Colonist

The City of Victoria has been granted intervener status in Saskatchewan’s constitutional challenge of the federal carbon tax.

The Supreme Court of Canada has accepted the joint application of Victoria, Vancouver, Squamish, Nelson, Richmond and Rossland as interveners in the federal government’s carbon pricing case, expected to be heard in March. …

The City of Richmond has already successfully slashed emissions by more than 12 per cent since 2007 through strategies such as use of electric vehicles, policies for energy-efficient developments and an award-winning district energy infrastructure, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said. “Maintaining a national approach to carbon pricing supports the work we and other municipalities are doing to build sustainable and environmentally friendly communities,” he said in the joint statement. …

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Owners of Richmond nuisance property given reprieve

Richmond News

The owners of a rundown and cluttered property in south Richmond have been given two months to clean up and secure the buildings onsite.

At a special council meeting on Monday, council voted to allow the reprieve, but the mayor told the owner he’s been given a chance till Feb. 1 and he’s let the city down in the past.

“Feb. 2, the city will be there,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

Staff had recommended council order the house on No. 3 Road south of Finn Road to be declared a nuisance and demolished and some councillors expressed their skepticism whether the owners could clean it up within two months. …

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New Capstan Station in Richmond running behind schedule

Vancouver Sun

Canada Line users will have to wait a bit longer for an extra stop to be built at Capstan Way in Richmond, as the city and TransLink consider options for the station’s design.

In 2012, Richmond signed a funding agreement with TransLink for Capstan Station, which will be located at No. 3 Road, between Aberdeen and Bridgeport stations, that required the city to raise about $29 million to build the new station. …

In his inaugural address in November of last year, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said construction was set to start in 2019.

However, the station is still in the detailed design stage.

“It’s taking longer than we had hoped, but it’s for a purpose,” said Brodie. “We’ve been looking at the various possibilities as to the configuration. … I’m hopeful that in the very near future we will be releasing the money for the entire project and then TransLink will have 30 months to complete it.”

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