Ride-hailing license cuts across the region, not restricted to Richmond

Richmond News

Regional mayors have come up with a proposal to allow ride-hailing businesses to have one license for the entire Lower Mainland, allowing them to pick up and drop off anywhere in the region, something the taxi industry can’t do at this time.

TransLink’s Mayors’ Council has come up with a proposal for the ride-hailing Intermunicipal Business License (IMBL) to be used across all Lower Mainland municipalities – instead of operators needing a separate one for each city.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie thinks the regional license is “critical” to making ride-hailing successful.

“What you want is some consistency and reliability throughout the entire region,” he said.

Each municipality can then add its own rules onto the license, he said, adding that there are bound to be issues in each city. …

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TransLink mayor’s council approves Surrey-Langley SkyTrain business case

Cloverdale Reporter

The Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension is moving on to the next step.

TransLink’s Mayor’s Council or Regional Transportation endorsed the business case for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension Thursday (Jan. 30). It also endorsed the supportive policies agreement and referred the business case to senior government. …

Meantime, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie asked if the population in each of the areas surrounding “justify those stations that are planned.” Brodie pointed to the Capstan Station on the Canada Line which only now being funded, Olympic Village Station that was funded by Vancouver and the Gateway Station that was funded by development. …

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Richmond crews covered thousands of kilometres clearing snow from city’s roads

Richmond News

Richmond covered nearly 23,000 kilometres clearing and treating the city’s roads during the recent snowfall.

According to the city, crews worked “around the clock in back-to-back 12 hour shifts” in order to keep pace with weather conditions. …

“While the January 2020 snow event saw long hours and a seemingly endless war against Mother Nature, the City of Richmond is aware of the challenges winter weather brings to residents, their daily activities and safety,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release.

“That’s why the city has a snow strategy in place to focus on keeping main roads and major transit routes open as a priority, with arterial roads and residential streets to follow.” …

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Photos: Richmond welcomed Chinese New Year

Richmond News

Thousands of Richmondites were celebrating the Lunar New Year on Saturday and throughout the weekend. Many turned up at Lansdown Mall and Aberdeen Centre for cultural performances, lion dances and Cantonese operas.

Richmond Chinese Community Society (RCCS) invited people to join them at Lansdowne Mall on Jan. 26 for a full day of free events, such as visiting the God of Fortune, watching Taekwondo performances and getting red envelopes from community booths.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie was joined by council members and Richmond News publisher Alvin Chow at the opening ceremony at Lansdowne Mall. …

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New Canada Line trains increase service for customers

Mass Transit

TransLink has announced four new Canada Line trains have begun service, with the new trains increasing customer capacity by 15 percent during peak hours and allowing for more frequency and more comfort to passengers.

“The Canada Line is an integral part of the transit system and its booming ridership reflects that,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond. “Ridership has been strong since it opened, and regular weekday ridership has grown 25 percent since then. This increase in service and the upcoming increase later this year will provide relief to our customers who depend on the Canada Line every day.”

These are the first of 12 new trains, which are being rolled out as part of Phase One of Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie’s Mayors’ 10-Year Transit Expansion Plan. Once more trains are in service later this year, there will be a total increase in capacity of approximately 35 percent compared to 2019 service levels. …

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City of Richmond, B.C., adopts Holocaust Remembrance Day

Canadian Jewish News

This week, January 27 was proclaimed Holocaust Remembrance Day in the City of Richmond, B.C. The proclamation was declared by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie at a packed ceremony held at the Bayit, one of the city’s Orthodox synagogues.

Mike Sachs, the past president of the Bayit, has fostered an enduring relationship with the mayor on behalf of Richmond’s Jewish community and initiated the conversation about having the city recognize Holocaust Remembrance Day some months back. “Mayor Brodie and I meet periodically throughout the year and he’s very supportive of our community and other communities in Richmond,” Sachs said, “But the catalyst for this proclamation was the pending auction of Nazi memorabilia at a local auction house in November. That brought everything to a head.” …

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Richmond proclaims day of Holocaust remembrance

Richmond News

Never again” – that is what Jewish people say when they talk about the Holocaust. They don’t ever want it repeated, either to Jews or any other cultural or ethnic group.

To this end, Jan. 27 will be officially declared Holocaust Remembrance Day in Richmond.

The proclamation was made on Wednesday evening (Jan. 22) at the Bayit, the Orthodox synagogue in Steveston, by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

Michael Sachs, past-president of the Bayit Synagogue, said it’s “extremely admirable” of the city to declare the day to remember the horrors of the past, noting that education is the key to making sure an event like the Holocaust never happens again. …

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Canada Line increasing its commuter capacity by 35% by spring 2020

CTV News Vancouver

The Canada Line will increase its commuter capacity by 35 per cent by the spring, officials announced Tuesday.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie announced at Brighouse Canada Line Station that four new trains are now in service on the line that runs from downtown Vancouver through Richmond.

“Starting today, with more trains as part of Phase 2 of the mayors’ vision,” said Brodie. “There will be a 15 per cent service increase during peak hours coming to the Canada Line.”

An additional eight more trains will be added by the spring of 2020, bringing the total of new trains to 12. …

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Four new Canada Line cars roll into service in Richmond today

Richmond News

With four new Canada Line cars heading into service Tuesday, more people will be able to move between Richmond and Vancouver during peak hours.

The new cars mean there will be a 15 per cent increase — about 800 additional riders — in service during peak hours.

That number will jump to 35 per cent — another 1,200 riders — when the remaining eight cars are rolled out later this year, according to TransLink’s CEO Kevin Desmond.

The announcement was made by TransLink — along with Mayor Malcolm Brodie — at Brighouse Canada Line station Tuesday morning. …

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Canada Line to carry 800 more people per hour as four new trains arrive

Surrey Now-Leader

The Canada Line will carry 800 more people per peak hour following the arrival of four new trains on Tuesday.

The announcement is equal to a 15 per cent increase in peak hour service, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said.

“The aim is to take cars off the road and increase the demand for public transit,” he noted, standing at the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station.

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said the four trains are part of a total of 12 trains, or 24 cars, that will be delivered by the end of 2020. That will lead to a 35 per cent in total peak hour service hours at a cost of $88 million. The funds will come from the public infrastructure fund, which is funded 50 per cent by the feds, 33 per cent by the province and 17 per cent by TransLink.