Richmond paves way for recycled asphalt

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The City of Richmond is paving the way to a greener future with its asphalt recycling pilot project.

The city’s partner on the High Recycled Asphalt Pavement project, Lafarge Canada, recently laid an 800 metre stretch of paving over four lanes of road along the 7000 block of No. 5 Road. The pavement material included 40 per cent recycled asphalt paving.

Peter Russell, the city’s director of sustainability and district energy, explained the concept for the project began with the National Zero Waste Council, which Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie chairs. The idea then evolved into a partnership with Lafarge Canada to demonstrate the potential of recycled asphalt for others.

“It’s really about putting substance around your statements,” said Russell. “This is to show cities around Canada that this can be done.” …

“Road construction and maintenance is an important and necessary reality of municipal operations and it’s not an area that has seen great strides in environmental improvements,” said Brodie in a media release. “Guided by our the city’s zero waste commitments and our drive to be a change leader, the City of Richmond is paving the way — literally — for a sustainable future in road construction.” …

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Work on Massey Tunnel replacement accelerates, meetings to begin early January

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Those who commute through the Massey Tunnel between Richmond and Delta could learn within weeks whether an eight-lane replacement bridge or a new eight-lane tunnel are in their future.

The business case outlining the two options was received by B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Rob Fleming Thursday, and the minister will start meeting with the various partners and stakeholders early into the new year. …

Both Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and Delta Mayor George Harvey are hoping a final decision will be made next month.

Once the decision is made, the public will get to see the details of the business case, including initial cost estimates.

“I’m optimistic that the answer will be that we’re going to have a tunnel, and I’m optimistic that we are going to get that answer next month,” says Brodie. …

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City of Richmond awarded cash to further protect Mitchell Island

Richmond News

The City of Richmond has been awarded $75,000 to support its ongoing work on the Mitchell Island Environmental Stewardship Initiative.

The funding, which came from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund, is part of an initiative which began in the spring of 2019.

The program identifies ways to protect and maintain the environment on the island, which is on the ecologically sensitive Fraser River estuary and is also one of Metro Vancouver’s major industrial hubs. …

When completed, the city will determine the best methods to implement the recommended projects.

“One of council’s goals is to ensure Richmond is a sustainable and environmentally conscious city,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Because of the large number of diverse industries working on the island, it is important that we have a plan in place to protect its ecosystem and are pleased to see the Federation of Canadian Municipalities supports our vision.” …

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B.C. minister receives business case with two options for Massey Tunnel replacement

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Less than a month into his tenure as B.C.’s minister of transportation and infrastructure, Rob Fleming has received the business case for a proposed replacement of the George Massey Tunnel.

But we don’t yet know whether the province will opt to build a bridge or tunnel to connect Delta and Richmond.

The business case includes two options – a bridge or an immersed-tube tunnel, each with eight lanes – which will become public in February and March, according to a government press release.

The province has not committed to a completion date for the eventual replacement project. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie also said he was optimistic a decision would be made early in 2021 — but he hopes the province decides to build a tunnel.

“It has been a great frustration to me that we wasted six or seven years under a previous government that absolutely refused to listen to the wishes of the region or the cities that are involved,” he said, referring to the BC Liberal government’s preference for a bridge.

Brodie said he’s optimistic the project will be complete “well before” the end of the coming decade. …

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Unveiling the Richmond Recycling Depot Upgrades

On November 16, 2020, the Recycling Depot Upgrade project was officially unveiled. Since current conditions precluded holding a broad public opening, below is a video to share the opening virtually with the community.

Business case yet to be presented for Massey tunnel replacement

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Whether it will be a bridge or new tunnel replacing the ageing Massey crossing is still up in the air, with the newly-appointed transportation minister saying he can’t confirm if anything will be built within a decade.

A business case for the Massey Tunnel replacement project was promised by the BC NDP this fall, but nothing has been made public yet and likely won’t be soon. However, Rob Fleming says the government will be seeing the details in a few days.

“I’m going to have to review the business case to see what the experts have to say,” he says. …

The mayors of Richmond and Delta have both stressed the need to get the project going soon.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie pointed to the snap election as the reason the business case was behind in October. However, Fleming insists the provincial vote didn’t cause any delays to the project.

In the new year, the province plans to speak with stakeholders, including mayors and First Nations, to help decide on the investment, Fleming says. …

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Thrift store, Terra Nova walking tours highlighted by Richmond heritage awards

Richmond News

Richmond council recognized two local organizations for their commitment to heritage preservation – the Richmond Museum Society and the Richmond Hospital/Heathcare Auxiliary.

The latter group, volunteer-led, has worked to conserve the heritage building where its thrift store is located, the former Steveston Methodist Church on Chatham Street.

The Richmond Museum Society was recognized for its recently launched historical walking tours in Terra Nova and Brighouse, a COVID-19 outreach initiative.

“These annual awards recognize Richmond individuals and organizations for their dedication to the conservation of historic places and for promoting an awareness of Richmond diverse history,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

He announced the heritage awards at Monday’s council meeting. …

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Public banned from attending Richmond council meetings in-person

Richmond News

New orders from the provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, have resulted once again in almost-empty Richmond council chambers.

Over the past few months, some councillors have been attending meetings in person, separated by plexiglass barriers, and delegations have been addressing council from within council chambers.

But following legal advice after further restrictions were put in place Dec. 2 on gatherings, the city had to scale back on in-person attendance.

At Monday’s council meeting, Mayor Malcolm Brodie was the sole council member in chambers joined by just a handful of city staff including the city clerk.

Delegations but must now pre-register and dial into meetings to speak to agenda items.

“We have been advised the public is no longer allowed to attend meetings such as this council meeting,” Brodie explained at the meeting. …

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