Richmond adds new hybrid trucks to fleet

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The City of Richmond is the first B.C. municipality to incorporate the new Ford F150 PowerBoost Hybrid—the first full hybrid truck—into its growing sustainable fleet.

“This is the first truck of its kind in Canada and the city is proud to be leading the charge for more environmentally friendly work vehicles,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “The city worked with Ford Canada to develop requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles that meet the realistic needs for work trucks in municipal environments, and we are pleased to see progress in this area and introduce them to our fleet.”

Richmond has received two streamlined hybrid trucks, which will replace current fleet vehicles with fuel engines. The battery is charged by both the regenerative braking system, which recaptures energy normally lost during coasting or braking, and the gas engine. When the truck comes to a complete stop, everything from the radio to the heat runs off the hybrid battery, which means zero emissions. …

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Richmond asks for extension of landfill operations in ALR

Richmond News

The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is suggesting the owners of 150 acres in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) in east Richmond apply to have it permanently removed from this provincially protected land reserve.

The reaction from Richmond’s mayor to this suggestion from a commission tasked with protecting farmland was it was “ridiculous” while the landowner thinks the ALC is just being “pragmatic.”

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said the city’s aim is to keep land in the ALR, that should be what the ALC wants to do and that’s what EcoWaste originally planned to do with their property located west of No. 8 Road along Blundell.

“What are they doing suggesting they should take it out? What kind of an ALC are they?” Brodie said. …

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Letters: Richmond mayor explains tax hike

Richmond News

Dear Editor,

Every year, Richmond city council has proposed property tax increases that are amongst the lowest in the region.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, taxes were reduced by 2.01 per cent, from 4.98 per cent, when council deferred the addition of RCMP officers as part of our three-year Safe Community Program.

We also delayed several other important safety projects such as the Neighbourhood Walkway Program and the Steveston Highway Multi-Use Pathway, as well as flood protection and dike improvement initiatives. We also cancelled the 1 per cent transfer to the Capital Building Reserve — funds earmarked to reduce civic borrowing for facility construction such as the Steveston Community Centre and Branch Library. …

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City of Richmond asks building managers to divulge energy use

Richmond News

Local businesses are being asked to come clean (literally) and divulge the carbon footprint of their buildings.

Building Benchmark BC is a program that collects information related to energy consumption that hopes that large municipal and private buildings share their reports and assess themselves alongside the “green” standard.

In a news release, Mayor Malcolm Brodie said that the city strongly advocates using building energy benchmarking to work towards being a low-carbon community.

“As a proud municipal participant in Building Benchmark BC, we encourage building owners and property managers of larger residential, commercial and industrial buildings to register with the program in order to help build on the momentum that’s already underway, and to receive the benefits the program offers,” he said. …

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Richmond goes green with sustainable city trucks

Richmond News

The City of Richmond will be transitioning to a sustainable fleet of vehicles with their new hybrid trucks.

Richmond has received new Ford F150 PowerBoost hybrid trucks to replace their current fuel engine vehicles as part of its Green Fleet Action Plan.

According to Mayor Malcolm Brodie, the truck is the first of its kind in Canada and Richmond is the first city in B.C. to receive them.

“The city worked with Ford Canada to develop requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles that meet the realistic needs for work trucks in municipal environments, and we are pleased to see progress in this area and introduce them to our fleet,” said Brodie in a media statement. …

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Task force unites business, political leaders in Richmond through COVID-19

Richmond News

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

This Winston Churchill quote was notable — even prescient — a year ago at the launch of the Richmond COVID-19 Community Task Force, cited by then-president of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Fan Chun.

The task force came together as a conduit of information between representatives from all levels of government, public health and a wide swath of public and private agencies in Richmond.

Chun said, in 30 years of business, he has never seen such a level of motivation and participation, showing how critical it is to quickly disseminate information to Richmondites in this kind of situation.

As daily announcements were coming from the province last March and into April, restricting movement, shutting down public spheres like schools and restaurants, a group in Richmond was trying to figure out the best way to communicate among three levels of government, public agencies and business leaders.

This led to the birth of the Richmond COVID-19 Community Task Force, co-chaired by Chun and Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie in the first few uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic as things were rapidly evolving. …

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Ottawa asked to help pay for George Massey Tunnel replacement

Richmond News

The business case to replace the George Massey Tunnel has been sent to Ottawa to ask for help funding it.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie, who sits on the Metro Vancouver board, updated Richmond council on this point at Monday’s council meeting.

Currently, the majority of Metro Vancouver board is on board with building an eight-lane immersed tube tunnel, Brodie added; however, he pointed out some First Nations are opposed to the tunnel option.

“Pretty much everyone else is on the same page on that,” Brodie said. …

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Richmond food recovery program provides nearly 645,000 meals

Richmond News

Richmond’s food recovery pilot program has exceeded its goal of providing 300,000 meals to those in need by 215 per cent.

The Richmond Food Recovery Network was launched in November 2019, as a partnership between the City of Richmond and FoodMesh. The network works with local businesses to help address food waste and insecurity by providing unsold food to those in need through local charity organizations. …

“The implementation and outstanding success of the Richmond Food Recovery Network continues our commitment to a circular economy and resulted in enormous benefits to people, businesses and social agencies throughout our community,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie, in a statement. …

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New Richmond roadway to ease traffic congestion along No. 3 Road

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After years of planning, a new one-kilometre chunk of roadway in Richmond is now officially opened, which is meant to help ease the traffic congestion in the city.

River Parkway runs in between River Road and No. 3 Road and is expected to handle about 17,000 vehicles a day. …

Mayor Malcolm Brodie says the parkway should help ease traffic through the downtown core.

“Probably most importantly, a lot of that traffic is going to be coming off No. 3 Road, which in Richmond is our main commercial corridor, so I think it’s going to give some traffic congestion relief to the entire city centre and it’s an important commuter route as well,” he says.

Brodie adds River Parkway is also going to be a link to more green space.

“Roll the wheel ahead five years or so, by that time we will have developed a 37-acre park between this rail corridor, River Parkway, and the river,” he says.

“If anything, it’s opening up the area for more recreational use and it’s also going to provide better traffic flow for the dense population which is in the area.” …

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New arterial road in Richmond city centre aims to ease traffic congestion

Richmond News

A major transportation link, which officials say will help ease congestion in Richmond’s city centre, officially opens to commuters this weekend.

It’s estimated that approximately 17,000 vehicles could travel daily along the newly constructed River Parkway once it opens on Saturday, easing the burden on No. 3 Road, said Mayor Malcolm Brodie during a virtual opening ceremony on Thursday.

“Since I’ve been involved in civic life in the City of Richmond, we’ve always focused on the issue of traffic congestion in the city centre,” said Brodie. “When you have a growing city like Richmond, it’s an even harder problem to solve than usual.” …

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