City of Richmond creates plan for 3,700 additional childcare spaces over 10 years

Daily Hive

By 2031, the number of licensed childcare spaces within Richmond will grow by 50%, adding 3,741 spaces across the city.

The municipal government says this newly approved target addresses current and future needs for childcare, and builds on the city’s 21% increase in spaces since 2016. As of 2020, there were 7,022 childcare spaces within Richmond.

Over the coming decade, the childcare capacity will grow to 25 spaces per 100 children under the age of 36 months, 55 spaces per 100 children aged 30 months to school age, and 25 spaces per 100 school aged children.

For school age children, the plan will create facilities that are on-site or within walking distance from all elementary schools.

“Access to child care remains an issue for many families across the country,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “Richmond has worked hard to significantly increase the number of child care spaces for families in our community with over 1,200 new spaces created in the past four years.” …

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