Council candidate proposes $100 voucher to Richmond households to stimulate local economy

Richmond News

Richmond byelection candidate Jonathan Ho was a no-show at his party’s press conference Friday.

The Richmond News was contacted Tuesday by Ho’s campaign communications person, Grant Hsu, about the press conference, saying Ho would be there for an announcement.

The Richmond Community Coalition (RCC) called a press conference to make what sounded like an election campaign promise but, in the end, fellow RCC member Coun. Chak Au made the announcement, promising $100 stimulus voucher to all Richmond households.

The goal of the proposal is to boost the local economy by encouraging people to spend money, explained Au at the press conference. …

However, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie thinks this proposal is problematic and some figures are being used inaccurately.

According to Brodie, from a legal perspective, the city isn’t allowed to designate a household to give a $100 voucher and use the reserve in that way since there are many spending restrictions regarding the reserve funds. …

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