Richmond flags lowered in memory of residential school victims

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Richmond buildings and schools have lowered their flags in memory of the 215 children whose lives were lost at a former Kamloops residential school.

On Thursday, May 28, the remains of 215 children were found buried at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, which at one point was the largest in the Indian Affairs residential school system, which held children taken from families across the country. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie described this news as a “tragedy of insurmountable proportions” which impacts all Canadians.

“Now is a time of reflection and I urge everyone to remember the 215 children whose lives were taken at the former residential school as well as the survivors, their families and the many others who never returned home,” said Brodie. …

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Richmond mayor, police chief condemn recent racist incidents

Richmond News

The City of Richmond and the RCMP have once more joined forces to condemn incidents of racism.

After another incident last weekend – where a white male targeted a Stop Asian Hate Rally on Sunday – the city’s mayor and police chief both issued statements to shout down racism in Richmond.

A week ago, a man appearing to be of Asian ethnicity sprayed racist graffiti in Chinese over a poster of a black male model.

A news release issued Thursday by the city stated that “incidents of racism in any form will not and must not be tolerated. Such actions and behaviours must end.”

“Now is the time for everyone in our community to stand up against all forms of racism and hate, while we stay true to our shared values of respect, inclusion and diversity,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Richmond has a unique cultural history which is the envy of many cities. We need to recognize and embrace our cultural blend through respect and understanding.” …

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Richmond byelection candidates receive strong support

Richmond News

Support for candidates in the Richmond byelection have split along broad partisan lines.

Karina Reid has received endorsement from NDP MLAs, the Vancouver and District Labour Council as well as from left-leaning councillors, while Andy Hobbs has been endorsed by the sitting mayor, three right-leaning councillors, a BC Liberal MLA as well as two high-profile retired police officers. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie announced his support for Hobbs several weeks ago and this week Couns. Alexa Loo, Linda McPhail and Bill McNulty joined him in endorsing Hobbs. McPhail and McNulty are both Richmond First councillors. …

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Photos: Richmond’s MMA world champion hosted a meet and greet on Saturday

Richmond News

As the first Sikh and South Asian MMA world champion, a Richmond resident had to celebrate his success with fellow community members.

Arjan Singh Bhullar held a meet and greet with fellow community members outside Gurdwara Nanak Niwas, Richmond’s Indian Cultural Centre on No. 5 Road, on Saturday, May 22.

Many families with children came out to see Bhullar, which included the Richmond RCMP and Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. …

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Steveston food truck given chance to relocate

Richmond News

A food truck operating in Steveston got a reprieve from Richmond city council to look for a new location.

Richmond council was considering cancelling the business licence for Shameless Buns saying they were contravening a bylaw by operating in a parking lot in Steveston.

At the end of the hearing on Monday afternoon, however, council voted unanimously to ask city staff to work with the owners of the food truck, Corvette Romero and Matt Brennan, to find a suitable location to sell their Filipino cuisine, possibly in Terra Nova. …

While Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie supported aff working with the operators to find a new location, he said that it’s not a sign council doesn’t have “strong feelings” on the issue.

“Had the applicant spoken to staff in a constructive manner before, this could have probably been ironed out by this time,” Brodie added. …

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Better CCTV footage needed for investigations: Richmond council

Richmond News

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie initiated a move to get newly installed traffic cameras to record better quality footage to help police, if needed.

The City of Richmond recently installed 110 traffic cameras with strict guidelines from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission (OIPC) that they blur out faces and licence plates.

But in a 7-1 vote, council supported challenging the privacy commissioner’s ruling, saying they wanted the cameras to have clearer footage in order to help police investigate crimes.

This idea was first floated last week by council candidate Andy Hobbs, running in the May 29 byelection, in light of the recent spate of public shootings, including one at the airport on Mother’s Day when a gangster known to police was shot and killed outside the international departures terminal.

Brodie is endorsing Hobbs, a former Vancouver police superintendent, in the byelection.

“Bad guys are escaping from a shootout at the airport, they go through intersection cameras and the privacy commissioner is worried about the bad guys who are doing the shooting and their right to privacy,” Brodie said at Monday’s council committee meeting, calling it an “aberration to what the situation should be.”

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Richmond launches new emergency alert system

Richmond News

The City of Richmond has launched a new emergency alert system.

The system, launched Thursday, uses new software and will replace the previous emergency notification system, which will no longer be operational.

Residents will need to sign up for the new system in order to receive alerts, which will be sent out in the case of imminent emergencies or disasters that may impact Richmond.

“Our new Richmond BC Alert will improve the city’s ability to notify the public and provide relevant information during an emergency,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie, in a statement.

“Aligned with efforts to improve and enhance other regional public alerting systems, it also enhances council’s ongoing commitment to a safe and resilient city.” …

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City traffic cameras added to Richmond RCMP’s public safety toolbox

Richmond News

Richmond’s new traffic cameras are being added to the Richmond RCMP’s list of tools to help maintain public safety.

For the past several months, the City of Richmond has been installing intersection video cameras at 110 major traffic intersections, which has been gradually going online since April 28.

However, Richmond RCMP will not have direct access to the cameras and won’t be using them for surveillance. …

According to Mayor Malcolm Brodie in April, the closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are intended for road safety and traffic management uses, with the city working closely with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) to make sure the cameras comply with privacy regulations. …

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City of Richmond asking people to stand up against Asian racism today

Richmond News

Today, May 10, is being acknowledged by the City of Richmond as a “Day of Action against Anti-Asian Racism.”

In recent weeks, some Canadian cities have joined a grassroots movement to call for a day of action against racism in response to a Burnaby woman Doris Mah’s efforts to fight against racism during the pandemic.

Rallies have been planned in cities across Metro Vancouver today, including at Richmond-Brighouse Station, to raise awareness of the rise of anti-Asian hate. …

“Richmond is a safe and resilient city that stands up against racism and violence at all levels and will not condone or tolerate such behaviour in any way,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Our community has a rich history of culture, diversity and heritage and was among the first in Canada to issue a formal statement condemning racism and violence a year ago.” …

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