City of Richmond asking people to stand up against Asian racism today

Richmond News

Today, May 10, is being acknowledged by the City of Richmond as a “Day of Action against Anti-Asian Racism.”

In recent weeks, some Canadian cities have joined a grassroots movement to call for a day of action against racism in response to a Burnaby woman Doris Mah’s efforts to fight against racism during the pandemic.

Rallies have been planned in cities across Metro Vancouver today, including at Richmond-Brighouse Station, to raise awareness of the rise of anti-Asian hate. …

“Richmond is a safe and resilient city that stands up against racism and violence at all levels and will not condone or tolerate such behaviour in any way,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie.

“Our community has a rich history of culture, diversity and heritage and was among the first in Canada to issue a formal statement condemning racism and violence a year ago.” …

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