Better CCTV footage needed for investigations: Richmond council

Richmond News

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie initiated a move to get newly installed traffic cameras to record better quality footage to help police, if needed.

The City of Richmond recently installed 110 traffic cameras with strict guidelines from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission (OIPC) that they blur out faces and licence plates.

But in a 7-1 vote, council supported challenging the privacy commissioner’s ruling, saying they wanted the cameras to have clearer footage in order to help police investigate crimes.

This idea was first floated last week by council candidate Andy Hobbs, running in the May 29 byelection, in light of the recent spate of public shootings, including one at the airport on Mother’s Day when a gangster known to police was shot and killed outside the international departures terminal.

Brodie is endorsing Hobbs, a former Vancouver police superintendent, in the byelection.

“Bad guys are escaping from a shootout at the airport, they go through intersection cameras and the privacy commissioner is worried about the bad guys who are doing the shooting and their right to privacy,” Brodie said at Monday’s council committee meeting, calling it an “aberration to what the situation should be.”

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