Letters to The Sun, June 12, 2021: Richmond City Council wants to use video cameras to keep streets safe

Vancouver Sun

Re: Daphne Bramham: There’s a world of difference between monitoring and spying

Contrary to what Daphne Bramham states, surveillance was never the intent of the City of Richmond’s intersection video cameras. City council approved the video cameras to help keep Richmond streets safe.

Currently, footage from the cameras is low-resolution, managed by the city, and saved for only 30 days before being permanently purged. Image analysis is used to improve road safety and traffic management. Neither faces nor vehicle licence plates are revealed. Low-resolution camera footage can be purchased to assist in vehicle-related incidents and identify trends in roadway usage. This fully meets the requirements of the B.C. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Government officials often speak at length about using every tool to protect the public and successfully prosecute those who are victimized. One of the most effective ways to fight illegal activity is to provide high-quality visual evidence. …

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