Richmond accelerating climate resiliency plans in wake of November storms

Journal of Commerce

Richmond, B.C. is reflecting on how it fared during the province’s recent devastating storms and is looking ahead to see how it can increase climate resiliency.

“Although the City of Richmond fared well during the recent extreme weather events, the city will continue to invest resources to strengthen and upgrade its flood protection infrastructure to protect residents against the future extreme weather that is expected to occur due to climate change,” said officials in a press release. …

“The city has invested over $120 million in our dikes and flood protection infrastructure,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in the press release. “Such investment is crucial to protect the community from the risks of weather events as well as rising sea levels attributed to climate change. Recent events only reinforce the value of that commitment and the need for more.” …

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Steveston ANAF hosts first event in two years

Richmond News

The Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Unit #284 (ANAF) in Steveston hosted its first event in more than two years recently.

Johnny’s Christmas Special, featuring Johnathan Hicks, was held at ANAF on Dec. 11.

According to organizers, the event “turned out to be a huge success” with Mayor Malcolm Brodie attending and apparently “giving high praise.” …

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Richmond “open” to talks amidst bid to host 2030 Olympics

Richmond News

Richmond could very well play a part in any potential bid to host the 2030 Olympics, but discussions are at a very premature stage.

That’s the assertion of Mayor Malcolm Brodie, when asked Tuesday by the Richmond News about the possibility of the Olympic Oval being repurposed to once again host the Games’ long track speed skating. …

But he cautioned that any talks taking place – either between the aforementioned parties or with the City of Richmond – are at a “very formative and…very early stage.”

“It sounded over the weekend that the talks were well along; in fact, they’re not. They’ve only really just begun,” said Brodie. …

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Metro Vancouver 2022 standing committees announced

Indo-Canadian Voice

Metro Vancouver Board Chair Sav Dhaliwal has announced the standing committee structure and appointments for 2022.

The 2022 Metro Vancouver Board has 14 standing committees and one task force that represent the 21 member municipalities, one electoral area, and one treaty First Nation that comprise Metro Vancouver.

The chairs and vice chairs for the 2022 Metro Vancouver committees and task forces are as follows: …

Water: Chair Malcolm Brodie (Mayor, City of Richmond); Vice Chair Doug Elford (Councillor, City of Surrey) …

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How Metro Vancouver left taxpayers with a massive infrastructure bill

Vancouver is Awesome

Politicians in Metro Vancouver have, for decades, failed to collect enough money from land developers to pay for billions of dollars worth of new sewer and water infrastructure.

This has left existing homeowners to foot an extraordinary bill with skyrocketing taxes and fees in the coming years.

Over the next five years, households could be expected to pay 65 per cent more in utility taxes — from $574 in 2021 to $947 in 2026. …

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie is among the longest-standing Metro board members. He said the lack of DCCs for new infrastructure wasn’t for lack of political will; instead, “​​it’s just one of those things.”

“Every time we bring it in, there’s controversy and push back. But at the local and regional level, I’ve seen politicians bite the bullet,” said Brodie in 2019 when the proposal was being introduced at the committee level. …

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New city grant to help Richmond environmental non-profits

Richmond News

Richmond non-profits with a goal to make a positive impact on the environment can now apply for the city’s newest grant.

The Environmental Enhancement Grant aims to support local action-based projects, such as shoreline clean-ups, invasive species pulls, and tree and shrub planting, to make protect and grow the environment in Richmond. …

“Access to nature and healthy, local ecosystems can improve our quality of life—and Richmond residents are a pivotal component of effective environmental stewardship,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. …

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Olympic medallist Evan Dunfee running for city council in Richmond

CBC News

Canadian Olympic medallist Evan Dunfee hopes to move from the sporting arena to the political one.

Dunfee, the bronze medallist in this summer’s Tokyo Olympics 50-kilometre race walk, says he plans to run for council in next October’s municipal elections in his hometown of Richmond, B.C. …

Dunfee is one of many people across B.C. exploring runs for local office in next year’s municipal elections, with multiple announcements happening weekly, and Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie already confirming he will seek re-election. …

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Olympian vies for Richmond council seat

Richmond News

From an Olympic podium to a council seat – this is bronze-medalist Evan Dunfee’s next goal.

After flirting with the idea this summer of running for Richmond city council in next year’s municipal election, Dunfee has decided to throw his hat in the ring. …

The municipal election will be held on Oct. 15, 2022 to elect a mayor and eight city councillors. Seven trustees for the board of education will be elected on the same day.

Current Mayor Malcolm Brodie has said he is planning to seek re-election. …

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Videos/Photos: Winter Wonderland display lights up Richmond City Hall

Richmond News

Richmond’s city hall has once again transformed into a wintery forest and is welcoming the community to visit its 20th annual Winter Wonderland event presented by the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset.

The event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and in order to bring back some holiday cheer to the city, the Rotary Club and the City of Richmond decided to move the event outdoors for the first time in 20 years. …

At the event, Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and Magdalen Leung, foundation chair of the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset presented individual speeches, which were then followed by a choir singing classic holiday songs. …

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